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Comedian Tenali Raman

Tenali Raman was King Krishna Dev Raya’s favourite courtier. Tenali’s quick wit and sense of humour allowed him to defuse even the most difficult situations.

For whatever reason, the King felt irritated with Tenali one day. “Get out of my sight!” he yelled. “I’m not going to see your face again!”

Other courtiers were taken aback by the king’s abrupt outburst. Some of them, who were envious of Tenali and his tight relationship with the King, were overjoyed. Tenali Raman quietly exited the court.

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Tenali approached the court the next day, hiding his face with a pot. He walked over to his customary seat, as if nothing had happened. Tenali Raman’s return to his seat upset the king.

“How dare you, Tenali Raman!” exclaimed the King. How did you get to the court? “Didn’t I instruct you not to expose your face to me yesterday?” Tenali apologised through the pot, which featured two holes for eyes and a third for the mouth. “I’m merely obeying your command, sir!” he continued. You stated that you did not want to see my face. “Didn’t I use this pot to conceal my face?”

The king burst out laughing. “You may now remove it,” he chuckled. “It makes no difference if your face is seen.”

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“My Lord!” exclaimed Tenali. “At times, our mind is like a monkey!”

“What do you mean, Tenali?” The king inquired. “Sir, once a snake charmer was crossing a river, balancing a snake basket on his head, a monkey on his shoulder, and guiding a goat with his hand,” Tenali explained. The monkey was naturally mischievous. He was restless and couldn’t stop himself from playing a game. It opened the snake basket carefully. The snake emerged from the darkness of the basket, head held high, tongue hissing. This scared the monkey, and he fell into the water.

“The river started dragging the monkey away.” The snake charmer lowered the snake basket into the water to save the monkey. He let go of the goat in order to grab the basket. As a result, the current carried away the monkey, snake, and goat. In life, our minds are like monkeys. It is agitated and difficult to forecast. It gets us into a lot of difficulty. “As a result, it is prudent to exercise mental control.”

The king consented and pledged to keep his temper under control. Tenali’s sense of humour was acclaimed by all.

When the King inquired, “What is the most lovely moment in a man’s life?” There was an argument in court.

Everyone debated among themselves and eventually agreed that it is “when one is hungry and eating.”

Tenali Raman, however, was not convinced. “My Lord,” he continued, “I believe the time has come to answer nature’s call.”

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When everyone in the court heard this, they rebuked Tenali Raman. But the king was intrigued and ordered him to demonstrate it. Tenali consented to it.

Tenali summoned all of the courtiers the next day and imprisoned them in a large hall.There was no bathroom. There were no windows at all. There was only one gate in the room. Tenali Raman directed a servant to bring the courtiers water and whatever food they desired. But he ordered the guards not to let them leave the room.

The courtiers wanted to go outside on the second day. Everyone had to heed nature’s call. However, the guards did not let them the second day. Everyone had to heed nature’s call. However, the guards did not let them go. Instead, they provided more delectable food for the courtiers.

No one, however, took the meal. They were eventually released in the afternoon. Finally, the courtiers agreed with Tenali that obeying nature’s call was an excellent opportunity.

Tenali Raman was visiting a neighbouring hamlet one day. He found himself in the company of a bunch of troops while travelling. They were all combat veterans, and they quickly began talking about their experiences on the battlefield.

An ancient soldier told how he once killed seven enemy men by himself. Another offered a comprehensive account of how he had kept an entire opposing battalion at bay. They finished and glanced at Tenali Raman, waiting for him to say something.

“I don’t imagine you have anything worth telling,” one of them added when Tenali remained silent. Adventure “Oh, but I have,” Tenali pointed out.

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“You have?” the shocked troops inquired. “Yes,” Tenali said. “Once upon a time, while travelling, I came across a big tent.” I walked in and saw the biggest thing I’d ever seen lying on a mat. “I immediately recognised him as a feared thief who had been terrorising that section of the nation for years!” “What did you do?” the soldiers said, their interest piqued.

“I jumped off his toe and ran for dear life,” Tenali explained.

“His toe?” a soldier inquired. “How come you sliced his toe?” You should have severed his head when you had the opportunity!”

“Someone had already done that,” Tenali admitted sheepishly.

Tenali’s wit was praised by the soldiers, who burst out laughing.

Tenali heard someone cry as he approached the neighbouring village. When a villager stepped outside his cottage, he noticed large, circular footmarks in the dirt. “What is this?” he exclaimed.

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There was soon a considerable crowd outside his hut. The people were perplexed since they had never seen such huge footsteps before.

Following the mystery tracks, they discovered that they ran all the way through the settlement to the other side. “I suppose we were visited by a demon last night,” a villager finally remarked.

“He must have been gigantic in size,” shuddered another man.

“Let us not panic,” a third villager said.

“All of this may have a simple explanation.” Tenali has joined us. Let us question him.He has previously assisted us numerous times.

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Tenali Raman approached, having been listening to the folks. He bent over the tracks, studying them from every angle. “Some of us believe they were created by,” the headman said hesitantly demon”

“You folks have such fantastic imaginations,” Tenali observed sternly.

“These tracks were not created by a demon or a monster.” “They were fashioned by a deer.” The headman exclaimed, “A deer!” “But they’re so huge!”

“That’s because the animal has fastened enormous stones to its feet to mislead us,” Tenali added.

The locals stared in awe at Tenali Raman. Some even lamented not guessing something so simple. “Only someone as astute as you could have seen through the deer’s devious plan.” “Thank you so much,” the headman said.

Tenali gladly accepted the compliment and returned home, chastising the people for their folly. He told the story to King Krishna Dev Raya, who laughed heartily. “Tenali, what if the locals discover you duped them?” he asked.

“Your Majesty, they will learn a lesson for making such a big deal out of something so minor,” he remarked.

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Some nights later, the animal that had left the traces—a huge elephant—returned. The stupid villagers spotted the tracks the next morning, but they were not afraid. They were aware that the deer was attempting to deceive them once more.

As a result, Tenali Raman was quite the comedian. He was noted for his ability to find humour even in the most severe situations.

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