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Panchatantra Stories

If you want to encourage your child to read books then Panchatantra stories are the best option. Panchatantra is a beautiful book that also helps plants and animals to communicate and converse with humans.


Moral Stories

A great collection of moral stories or inspirational stories on education, love, family, motivation and many more that will encourage you and make you wiser. every story teaches us a valuable lesson for our life.


Hindi Stories

Here You Can Find the most popular and Best Hindi Story Collection


Because Every Story Speaks

Stories Pub is a huge platform for those who love to read stories. Stories pub is launched in 2019 with a collection of quality stories like Inspirational Stories, Funny Stories, Animal Stories, Mythological Stories and many more to come.

Our Tagline is “Because every Story Speaks” and Stories Pub provides you with lots of stories which teach you morals, helping others, patience, empathy, and every good deed that you must acquire in your life as every story speaks.
Everyone loves reading stories, our motive is that not only kids enjoy these stories even adults who want to cherish their childhood memories will definitely going to enjoy our stories.