Elephant and Friends story for kids

Elephant and Friends story for kids

Elephant and Friends story | Podcast

In this Elephant and Friends story, you will learn that. Elephant did not have any friends, so the elephant goes to the forest to make friends, for more read the full story.

On a bright sunny day in the jungle, there was an elephant who was feeling lonely and wanted to make friends as she had none.

So she strolled through the forest in search of companions.

As she was wandering, she saw a monkey, and tried talking to him,

“Will you be my friend?” she asked.

The monkey took no time and replied,”‘You are big and can’t swing on trees as I can, so I can’t be your mate,”

The elephant, disappointed, resumed its hunt until when it came across a rabbit.

‘Can we be friends, rabbit?’ she asked the rabbit.

The rabbit took a glance at the elephant and said,
“You can’t fit inside my burrow as you are too big; you are not considered to be my friend.”

Elephant and Friends story for kids

The elephant was sad and then proceeded to search again until she came across a frog.
“Hey frog, Will you be my friend?” she questioned.

“You are too large and heavy to leap like me,” the frog answered.
I’m sorry, but you’re not allowed to be my friend.”


The elephant tried to inquire the same to all the animals she encountered along her way, but she got the same answer repeatedly.

The very next day elephant saw all the animals flee in terror.

She approached a bear to ask about what has happened and what was going on, and she was informed by the bear that the tiger was targeting all of the small animals.

The elephant was humble in nature and wanted to save other animals, so she decided to meet the tiger and talk about this situation.

When she met the tiger, she requested, “Please, sir, don’t eat my friends, leave them alone.”

The tiger did not give importance to what the elephant said and choose to ignore it. The tiger asked the elephant to mind her own business and not to interfere in his matter.

The elephant was not happy with this reply, so the elephant in rage saw no other option and choose to kick the tiger and scare him away.

The tiger was frightened of the elephant and he decided to run away.

And when other animals in the jungle heard about this brave tail, they all agreed and said, “You are just the right size to be our friend,”

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  • Moral of the Elephant and Friends story – Friends come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Elephant And Friends Story | 2nd


Once upon a time, there was a young elephant who lived in a forest. He had many friends, such as the monkey, the rabbit, the deer, and the parrot. They would play together every day and have fun. The elephant was very happy with his friends.

One day, a group of hunters came to the forest. They saw the elephant and decided to capture him. They set a trap for him near a lake. They dug a deep pit and covered it with leaves and branches. Then they hid behind some trees and waited.

The elephant was thirsty and went to the lake to drink some water. He did not notice the trap and stepped on it. He fell into the pit and could not get out. He cried for help, but no one heard him.

The hunters were delighted and ran towards the pit. They threw a rope around the elephant’s neck and tried to pull him out. They wanted to take him to the city and sell him.

The elephant was scared and struggled to free himself. He shouted for his friends, hoping they would come and save him.

The monkey, the rabbit, the deer, and the parrot heard his cries and rushed to the lake. They saw the hunters and the trap. They felt sorry for their friend and decided to help him.

The monkey climbed up a tree and threw some fruits at the hunters. The rabbit dug a hole under the pit and made a tunnel for the elephant to escape. The deer ran around the pit and distracted the hunters. The parrot flew over the hunters and pecked their heads.

The hunters were confused and annoyed by the animals. They let go of the rope and tried to chase them away.

The elephant saw his chance and crawled out of the pit through the tunnel. He thanked his friends for their help and hugged them.

The hunters realized they had lost their prey and ran away in fear.

The elephant and his friends celebrated their victory and went back to their homes. They promised to always stick together and help each other in times of trouble.

They lived happily ever after in the forest.

Elephant And Friends Story | 3rd


Once upon a time, there was a young elephant who lived in a forest. He had many friends, such as the lion, the bear, the fox, and the owl. They would explore the forest together and learn new things. The elephant was very curious and loved to learn.

One day, the elephant and his friends decided to visit a nearby mountain. They had heard that there was a wise old eagle who lived there. They wanted to ask him some questions and learn from him.

They packed some food and water and set off for the mountain. They walked for a long time and saw many beautiful sights. They crossed a river, climbed a hill, and passed through a valley.

Finally, they reached the foot of the mountain. They looked up and saw the eagle’s nest on a high cliff. They wondered how they could reach it.

The lion said he could jump up the cliff with his powerful legs. The bear said he could climb up the cliff with his sharp claws. The fox said he could sneak up the cliff with his cunning tricks. The owl said he could fly up the cliff with his strong wings.

They asked the elephant what he could do. The elephant said he could not jump, climb, sneak, or fly. He felt sad and useless. He thought he had nothing to offer.

His friends saw his sadness and comforted him. They told him that he was smart, kind, and brave. They said he had many talents and skills. They said they valued his friendship and would not leave him behind.

They decided to work together and find a way to reach the eagle’s nest. They looked around and saw a big tree near the cliff. They had an idea.

The lion jumped on the tree and shook it with his strength. The bear climbed on the tree and broke some branches with his claws. The fox gathered some vines and tied them together with his tricks. The owl flew around and checked for any dangers with his eyes.

They made a rope out of the vines and branches. They threw one end of the rope over the cliff and tied the other end to the tree. They tested the rope and made sure it was strong enough.

They asked the elephant to go first. The elephant was nervous but trusted his friends. He grabbed the rope with his trunk and swung over the cliff. He reached the other side safely and cheered.

His friends followed him one by one. They all made it to the eagle’s nest without any trouble.

They met the wise old eagle and greeted him respectfully. They asked him their questions and listened to his answers. They learned a lot from him and thanked him for his wisdom.

The eagle was impressed by their teamwork and friendship. He praised them for their courage and curiosity. He gave them a feather as a token of his respect.

The elephant and his friends were happy and proud. They hugged each other and thanked each other for their help.

They returned to their homes with joy and gratitude.

They lived happily ever after in the forest.

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