Elephant and Friends Story

Elephant and Friends

Elephant and Friends Podcast

In this Elephant and Friends story, you will learn that. The elephant did not have any friends, so the elephant went to the forest to make friends, for more read the full story.

On a bright sunny day in the jungle, there was an elephant who was feeling lonely and wanted to make friends as she had none.

So she strolled through the forest in search of companions.

As she was wandering, she saw a monkey, and tried talking to him,

“Will you be my friend?” she asked.

The monkey took no time and replied,”‘You are big and can’t swing on trees as I can, so I can’t be your mate,”

The elephant, disappointed, resumed its hunt until it came across a rabbit.

‘Can we be friends, rabbit?’ she asked the rabbit.

The rabbit took a glance at the elephant and said,
“You can’t fit inside my burrow as you are too big; you are not considered to be my friend.”


The elephant was sad and then proceeded to search again until she came across a frog.
“Hey frog, Will you be my friend?” she questioned.

“You are too large and heavy to leap like me,” the frog answered.
I’m sorry, but you’re not allowed to be my friend.”

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Elephant and Friends

The elephant tried to inquire the same to all the animals she encountered along her way, but she got the same answer repeatedly.

The very next day elephant saw all the animals flee in terror.

She approached a bear to ask about what had happened and what was going on, and she was informed by the bear that the tiger was targeting all of the small animals.

The elephant was humble and wanted to save other animals, so she decided to meet the tiger and talk about this situation.

When she met the tiger, she requested, “Please, sir, don’t eat my friends, leave them alone.”

The tiger did not give importance to what the elephant said and chose to ignore it. The tiger asked the elephant to mind her own business and not to interfere in his matter.

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Elephant and Friends

The elephant was not happy with this reply, so the elephant in rage saw no other option and chose to kick the tiger and scare him away.

The tiger was frightened of the elephant and he decided to run away.

And when other animals in the jungle heard about this brave tail, they all agreed and said, “You are just the right size to be our friend,”

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