Stone Soup Story


Overview of The Story

Are you looking for a kid’s story to assist your youngster to learn about the importance of sharing and cooperating? Then we’ve got “Stone Soup Story for Kids” for you. Stone Soup is a European folktale passed down through the generations that teaches children an important lesson. The message is the same in all versions of this folktale: “the plot closes with the optimistic understanding that when each individual makes a tiny effort, the aggregate influence can be great.”

This narrative also reminds us of the importance of working together.

Stone Soup Story

Once, there was a comfortable little village nestled in the mountains; the people who lived there had more than enough to keep themselves.

One day, two travelers came along; their coats were tattered, their hats were torn, and their dusty shoes had holes in their soles.

Hungry and tired, one traveler said to the other, “Could we knock on some doors for food. Surely someone here can spare a bit of food.

They knocked on one door. Immediately, one creaked open, and a woman asked, “What do you want? One of the travelers said, “We are hungry. Do you have any food, please?”

The woman squinted her eyes and partly replied, “No.” She quickly slammed the door.

The travelers walked a little farther down the road and knocked on another door. A young boy opened the door. The sweet little boy asked, “What do you want, please?” One of the travelers replied, “We are hungry. Do you have any leftover food to share? The boy replied, “There’s no food here,” and closed the door.

The travelers wandered through the village. They knocked on every door, but I don’t care everywhere they heard, and I won’t share, or there is no food.

After their effort, they felt tired and set to rest under one tree. 

A traveler sighed and held on to his empty stomach and said, “If there really isn’t food in this beautiful little village and the people who live here need more than us, we should make them our own magic soup.” 

Both travelers climbed up on the edge of the well and shouted, “We are master cooks.” If anyone in this town has a big black pot, we will make the most delicious soup anyone has ever tasted.

A few moments later, a door slowly opened, and an old man emerged carrying a gigantic black pot. He said, “Here’s a pot; let me see what two master cooks can do with it. Watch and see, said one traveler with glee.

The travelers filled the pot with cold water and built a fire. 

Soon the flames licked the size of the pot, and billows of steam rose into the air; curious people began to gather information about what was happening.

The townspeople asked how we were making an unusual soup. One of the travelers replied that it requires a special magical ingredient and I am sure we will find it in this town.

The crowd watched as one of the travelers reached down and picked up an ordinary stone; he tossed it into the path with a splash.

We’re making stone soup, he said. It will be nutritious, delicious, incredible, and edible, but it would taste better if we only had a carrot. Where would we find a carrot in this town? The other travelers’ eyes clean off every door, and everywhere they hear, “I don’t care, I won’t share, there is no food.”

Then perhaps we cannot make the delicious soup, after all, they both announced with a sad shrug of the shoulders and began to turn away; a child timidly raised her hand and said, “Wait, I might have a small carrot.” 

Excellent, shouted the travelers, “bring what you’ve got and put it in the pot. We’re making Stone Soup. This magical soup would taste even better if we had a potato. They added the deep voice, and someone in the back of the crowd yelled, “I have a potato.”

Wonderful, so what do you’ve got? If we put it in the pot in which we’re making stone soup, it would taste better.

They said again that if we had just a few more ingredients, our soup would taste better.

One villager said I could bring a green bean. Another villager said, “If you’re going to get a green bean, I will bring a kernel of corn.” The third villager said, “I will bring an egg noodle.”

Similarly, one voice announced that I would bring a slice of celery, a pinch of pepper, a sprig of parsley, and I might have a penny turnip.

The traveler said, “You guys are amazing; why are you waiting to bring all that you have put in the pot?” We’re making Stone Soup.

Everyone in the town ran home to bring one small thing to put in the pet food; they just wanted to taste the magical stone soup.

The pot was full and simmering. A wonderful smell drifted through the air.

The smell was so tempting that people bought spoons, chairs, and tables for a safe place to eat hearty loaves of bread, chunks of cheese, and the souls of fruits on the tablecloth. Everyone came to taste the soup and marveled at its flavor. “It’s incredible,” said one woman. These two travelers made such a delicious soup out of the stone.

When the travelers were leaving that village, they said that if anyone wanted to recreate this magical stone soup, just remember the recipe, bring what you got, put it in, and taadaa! The magical stone soup is ready.

So readers, if you like to make Stone Soup, you need some ingredients, a little effort, sharing, and cooperating, and your amazing magical soup is ready.

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