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Panchatantra Stories

If you want to encourage your child to read books then Panchatantra stories is the best option. Panchatantra is a beautiful book that also helps plants and animals to communicate and converse with humans.

A great collection of moral stories or inspirational stories on education, love, family, motivation and many more that will encourage you and make you wiser.every story teach us a valuable lesson for our life. 

Here You Can Find the most popular and Best Akbar Birbal stories Collection

Mythological Stories. Myths and legends are an integral part of human existence. They have been around us all the time.

The World’s Best Collection of Free Bedtime Stories! Short stories for kids, bedtime stories, fairy tales, online story books, audio stories, and more

A selection of stories that are short and sweet and should appeal to younger children. You’ll find some of the classic fairy tales and fables here.

Every time kids want to learn and know about Best and new Scary Stories so here are the best collections of Scary Stories For Kids

The Arabian Nights is a story straight out of a romance novel. It’s an epic collection of Arabic folk tales written during the Islamic Golden Age. 

The fables remain a popular choice for moral education of children today. Many stories included in Aesop’s Fables

Here is a list of best short stories for kids. Stroiespub presents the best stories from Indian Mythology & Folklore.

It’s a complete collection of Bible stories. We have the most popular bible verses and themes that are easy to read, share, and understand.

The Hitopadesha Tales are a set of ancient Indian fables that were originally written in Sanskrit. These stories were translated into English by Rev.

Tenali Raman was indeed a wise person in king Krushnadevraya’s court but one day a wiseman came to Vijaynagar.

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