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Thumbelina is the story of such a tiny flower fairy, who had to suffer a lot in her life, but she never gave up, and by fighting the circumstances, she made true friends and one day became the queen of flowers.

            Thumbelina the Story of Tiny Flower Fairy

Once upon a time, they lived as a married couple, although they really wanted to have a baby. Well, it just wasn’t possible for them.

One day, his wife went to the old fairy and told her she wanted a baby.

She said, “don’t be sad, my dear girl. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. “Take this seed and plant it in a pot and wait. You’ll be surprised. ” The lady was very happy. She thanked the fairy with joy in return for her amazing favour.

She gave the fairy some money. Later on, she went straight home and planted the seed in a pot with great patience; she began to wait near the pot; sooner or later, a big tulip-like flower began to blossom. At that moment, she thought to herself, what a beautiful flower with its leaves still unfolded.

She reached over and kissed it. Soon after the leaves began to unfold, the child sat down. With great confusion, the lady picked up the tiny girl in her hand and said, “What a tiny little child you were. Your name should be Thumbelina.”

The lady made Thumbelina’s crib out of a walnut shell, her mattress from violet leaves, and her blanket from rose petals; Thumbelina managed to adapt to her new life with ease. At night, she would sleep in her bed that was made just for her, and during the day, she would play on the table and sing songs.

One night, while she was sleeping in her bed, an ugly frog appeared from the window; it saw the little girl sleeping in a walnut shell.

The frog said, “Oh my god, what a tiny and beautiful girl you are. You’d make a great friend for my son.”

The frog gripped the walnut shell and went out the window as fast as it could. Near the house was a swamp. It was the house where the ugly frog and his son lived.

Right here is the son of the ugly frog. He was just as ugly as his father. When he saw the tiny girl his father had brought for him, he croaked at the top of his lungs.

The ugly frog said, “Stop croaking. You’re going to wake the girl up. If she wakes up, she will run away in fear.

The father and son decided to give the little girl a place to stay.

Father frog had a great idea; let’s place the little girl on one of the lilies already in the stream, surrounded by all that water. It will be impossible for her to get away.

The Ugly Frog took Thumbelina with her crib and placed it on one of the lilies.

In the morning, with the sparkling light of the sun, Thumbelina woke up when she noticed she wasn’t at home and saw that she was surrounded by water. In fear, she began to cry.

Where am I? father and son frog went over to get Thumbelina here.

The Ugly Frog said, ‘my dear friend, I’m preparing a great new home for you.” It will be in the very deep waters of the swamp.

The Ugly Frog Father and son took Thumbelina’s crib, made from a walnut shell, and swam off, leaving her right there on the leaf. At that moment, some redfish were swimming along, and they overheard what the ugly frog was saying.

They couldn’t stand the idea of an ugly swamp frog upsetting a beautiful girl like Thumbelina. The Red Fishes said, “Don’t worry, little girl, we are going to save you.”

Together, they chewed on the lily stem where she was sitting and broke it.

All alone now, the leaf got caught in a rip current and managed to get away, making way on the water current in her green leaf. She left all the birds with great admiration. How beautiful and tiny she is!

She passed a rather big may bug as she was on her way. He grabbed her as fast as he could and landed on a tree. She finds herself on a tree. Thumbelina was very frightened.

What type of bug are you, and why did you bring me here? The bug said, “I’m a may bug, and I have never seen anything like yourself before, so I wanted my friends to see you.”

Later on, all the other may bug sitting on the same tree came around to visit Thumbelina, trying hard not to show that all the may bug were jealous of her amazing beauty.

They all started yelling at Thumbelina, “You’re funny creature doesn’t even have wings. How ugly can anyone be? We barely look at their faces. You are free to go wherever you want; we don’t want such an ugly thing to be near us.”

Thumbelina spent the whole summer by herself; she overcame her hunger and thirst by drinking the flowers’ water.

A long time passed, and the weather began to cool because her summer clothes were getting cold.

A field appeared from afar; the field was covered in straw. After a long walk, Thumbelina made it to the field under the straw. She managed to find a filled rat’s home with a chance of finding some food.

Thumbelina knocked on his door and asked for some barley kind-hearted field rat to take her in; she got in that instant and ate up all the food the rat had offered. The field rat really liked Thumbelina and said, “if you tell me a story every day, I will allow you to stay with me till the end of winter with great satisfaction.” Thumbelina accepted her offer.

After a while, the rat told Thumbelina, “Today, my neighbour will come by. He’s in better condition than I am. If you go with him, you’ll be very comfortable, but keep in mind that he has very bad eyesight. You will need to tell your best fairy tales and occupy him forever. “

A little while later, with his velvet foe on his back, appeared a mole; he asked Thumbelina to sing a song. Thumbelina wasn’t very fond of any of them all, but she didn’t want to disappoint him. Hence, she agreed to sing a song for him.

Fly, Fly ladybug, the wedding will be tomorrow.

Mommy will buy you new shoes and clothes tomorrow.”

Even though he had poor eyesight, the mall realized he liked Thumbelina very much and decided to take her home.

He said, “I managed to come all this way by digging a hole and making a tunnel. If you like, we can go the same way, and I can show you my house.

Thumbelina was hesitant to go see the mole house, but the rat agreed, so Thumbelina accepted his offer, and they managed to make their way. During this time, they saw a swallow lying down on the ground with its wings on its side and its head and feet tucked under its feathers.

The mole said, “This bird wasn’t here when I was coming; it must have just fallen through the hole.”

Thumbelina thought about the birds in the forest and remembered them chirping above her. She couldn’t handle the sight of them being in this state and was very sad. Without the field rat or the mole, she turned to the swallow and gave it a kiss.

Thumbelina said this bird could be one of the birds chirping during the summertime; if that’s so, then I owe him a lot.

One of them said, “Come on, Thumbelina, we are waiting for you.”

She couldn’t sleep that night; she stitched a quilt with the straw and went to the corridor to cover the swallow. She wet the mint leaves she used as a blanket and placed it over its head.

She started crying and said, “Please be better soon sweet little bird.”

The following day Thumbelina went over to see the swallow and saw that its eyes were open.

The swallow said to Thumbelina, “I don’t know how to thank you, you took such good care of me; now I will recover in no time. Once I have totally recovered, I will be able to go see my friends in warmer countries. Thumbelina replied that it’s very cold outside; you should rest in your warm bed and recover at once.

After Thumbelina was done giving advice to the swallow, she brought some water with the help of a flower petal and helped her drink it. Later on, she listened to how she broke her wing while smashing into the bushes. The windward swallow wasn’t as fast as her friends; she was tired, so she fell.

Finally, spring had sprung, and the sun began to warm the land once again. The swallow knew that it was time to say goodbye to Thumbelina.

He asked Thumbelina if she would like to come to the forest with her? I wouldn’t like to come with you, but my friend, the field rat, would be very sad in this case. I can’t leave her. In that case, farewell, Thumbelina. Maybe someday we will meet again.

With teary eyes, Thumbelina watched the swallow fly away.

With summer ahead, Thumbelina’s worries began to arise. The rat said, “This is summer. Now that the valve mole would like to marry you, we should get some beautiful clothes together.”

Moal said to Thumbelina, “When winter is here, be ready to live with me underground in the soil, Thumbelina.”

Before Thumbelina began her life underground, where it was cold and dark, she went outside for the last time to see the sun; just as she was about to get back home, right above her head, she heard a bird. When she turned her head up to look, she saw her most loved swallow.

Thumbelina told the swallow that she was being forced to marry the mole and that she had to live underground where there was no sunlight.

The swallow said, “winter is nearly here we are preparing to go to warmer countries please come with us you’ve saved my life i would like to pay you back.”

This time, Thumbelina accepted the swallow’s offer, and off they went. Thumbelina and the swallow flew away over the forests, seas, and mountains covered in snow. Later, the two friends arrived in warmer countries.

The swallow said, “These places were amazing the sun was brighter and the sky was shimmery this is my home please pick the best flower for yourself.”

The swallow placed Thumbelina in a beautiful flower. Amongst all this beauty, Thumbelina was very happy. She was mesmerized, sitting on her flower and looking at it in detail. In the flower sat a tiny man as shiny as glass; this man was the fairy of this flower. Every flower had its own fairy. He was as tall as a finger. He had shiny wings on his shoulders and a golden crown on his head.

It was the first time the handsome fairy had seen a beautiful girl the same size as he was.

He asked Thumbelina, What’s your name, beautiful girl? She said, My name is Thumbelina.

The fairy took his crown off his head, placed it on Thumbelina’s head, and said, “If you marry me, you will be the queen amongst all these flowers, and you will live a very happy life.”

After having lived through such cruelty while in such a beautiful environment, Thumbelina was very happy to hear such a great proposal from the handsome fairy.

The fairy held Thumbelina’s hand, and right now, two wings appeared on Thumbelina’s shoulders. Thumbelina was now the fairy queen.

Together they lived a long and happy life.

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