Gingerbread Man Story For kids

Kids’ Gingerbread Man Story is the story of such a cookie, behind which an older woman, a cow, a chicken, a pig, and a fox are involved in eating, so read this story completely to know how it survives.

Gingerbread Man Short Story

Once upon a time, an old couple lived in a small old shack next to a forest.

They were living a happy and peaceful life. Their only regret was not having a child of their own.

One day, when the old lady was making cookie dough in the kitchen, her husband came in and said, “Darling, what are you cooking today?”

The wife replied, “Oh my darling, I’m baking a Gingerbread Man today.”

The old lady kneads the dough and cuts a gingerbread man shape.

After putting it in the oven, she sat down and started to wait for the gingerbread man to bake. When she could smell the delicious cookie all around the air in the kitchen, she put on her oven gloves and took the gingerbread man out. Now it was time to decorate it.

She made eyes out of raisins and a cute nose using candy, and then she used some cream to make his hair and clothes, and lastly, she used cherries to make some buttons for him.

She looked at her masterpiece and said, “my gingerbread man looks beautiful, but I feel like something is missing.” The old lady looked at him again and said, “Oh his mouth, I forgot to make his mouth.” She drew a mouth on the gingerbread man’s face with the cream and said, “oh yes, now you are complete, my gingerbread man.”

At that moment, something unexpected happened. She heard someone thank her. She looked around, but no one was around. She saw the gingerbread man talking and saying thank you.

She thought, but how could it be the gingerbread man was talking? She was surprised.

The Gingerbread man suddenly stood up, started running, and screamed, “Yeah, and I can also run.”

The Gingerbread Man jumped from the kitchen bench to the chair, then to the ground, and started running fast to the kitchen door to the garden.

The old lady yelled, “Come back, come back.”

The gingerbread man began talking while he was running. Yeah, run as fast as you can, but nobody can catch me because I’m the gingerbread man.

The old lady got out of the garden and ran after the gingerbread man. The man looked out the window and saw his wife running. He yelled, “Hey, where are you running?”

The old lady answered her husband while running, “My gingerbread man ran away. I’m trying to catch him.”

The old man was speechless and surprised too. The old lady ran, but the gingerbread man was so fast that it was impossible to catch him.

After a short while, the gingerbread man came across a ranch. A grazing cow noticed him and thought, “What a nice cookie. I should cut and eat him.”

The cow also began to run after the gingerbread man and yelled, “Wait, don’t run, I’m going to eat you.”

The Gingerbread Man said to the cow, “Run as fast as you can, and old ladies are also trying to catch me, but nobody can because I’m the gingerbread man.”

The old lady and the cow were running after the gingerbread man, and at that time, a pig noticed the gingerbread man and thought the gingerbread man would be true to my tastebuds.

The pig yelled, “Wait, I will catch you.” The gingerbread man answered the pig, “Yeah, run as fast as you can. An old lady and a cow are also trying to catch me, but nobody can catch me because I’m the gingerbread man.

While they were running, the gingerbread man in front of the old lady cow and the ping behind him, a chicken, noticed the gingerbread man while looking for some food for lunch.

So the chicken tagged along, “Run as much as you want, Gingerbread Man, I’m going to eat you.” The Gingerbread Man replied, “Run as fast as you can; an old lady, a cow, and a pig could not catch me. Neither can you nor anybody else because I’m the gingerbread man.

The gingerbread man was in front of the old lady, the cow, the pig, and the chicken. They all continued to run, but the gingerbread man was getting further and further ahead of the others.

The gingerbread man was so happy and very proud of himself. He was the brightest and fastest gingerbread man in the world.

Yes, that’s me, and nobody can catch me because I’m the gingerbread man.

When he looked ahead, the gingerbread man saw coming across a river. He stopped because he knew that water could make him melt away. Oh no, now the old lady cow pig and the chicken were close now”.

Right at that moment, a shifty fox appeared from behind a tree. If you want, I can help you. I know how to swim. The gingerbread man thought about it and asked, “What if you eat me?” The fox said, “You don’t have to worry. I don’t want to eat you. I want to help you get across. “

The gingerbread man trusted the shifty fox and jumped on his tail, holding on as tight as he could. The fox jumped into the river and began to swim, whereas the old lady, cow, pig, and chicken came to the edge of the river and saw the gingerbread man crossing the river on the back of a fox; helplessly, they watched them go, knowing they could not catch him anymore.

The river began to get deeper, and the water was about to rise; the gingerbread man yelled, “Hey Fox, keep your tail up. I almost got wet.” Fox replied, “Come up on my back. It’s safer.”

The gingerbread man hopped on the fox’s back; they swam for a while, but as the water got deeper, the fox’s back began to sink in the water. The fox yelled, “Hey, gingerbread man, I’m afraid that you’ll get wet. Why don’t you jump on my head where it’s a bit higher?”.

The gingerbread man climbed upon his head; the fox continued to pursue his plan and dipped his head down in the water and said, “The water has risen too much. Why don’t you get on my nose? It’s higher.”

So the gingerbread man got on top of his nose. When they were about to reach the shore, the fox tipped his nose, flipping the gingerbread man into the air. He opened his mouth. The gingerbread man was going to fall into his mouth, and the fox was going to eat him, but it didn’t work; while the gingerbread man was in the air, a crow flying right above them caught the gingerbread man with his beak.

The fox just stood there looking with his mouth open; the gingerbread man waited for the crow to fly a little further and asked, “Do crows eat ginger cookies?” When the crow opened his beak to speak, the gingerbread man fell and began to run as fast as he could.

Yeah, run as fast as you can; an old lady, a cow, a pig, a chicken, a fox, and a crow also tried to catch me, but nobody could because I’m the gingerbread man. The gingerbread man kept on running and did not stop.

If you see a gingerbread man passing you by, do not try to catch him because he is the gingerbread man and nobody can dare catch him.

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