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The Elephant and the Ant Story for kids | Podcast

There was a vast forest where many animals such as rabbits, deer, monkeys, bears, birds, and many such animals lived together.

A very arrogant elephant also lived in that forest; because of this habit, he had no friends.

The arrogant elephant was massive, and he used to trouble all the forest animals.

Sometimes he would scatter the nests of birds, and sometimes, he attacked anyone without any reason; basically, he had created terror in the whole forest.

Because of the elephant, an atmosphere of fear had spread throughout the forest. On seeing the elephant, all the animals started running away in fear.

One day the arrogant elephant passed by when he saw a parrot sitting on top of the tree.

Seeing him, the elephant said, “The parrot salutes me, don’t you see, the most powerful creature of this forest is going from the front.” So the parrot said, “You will be stronger than me, what can I do with that.” Why should I salute you?

Hearing all this, the elephant got very angry, and in anger, he uprooted the tree on which the parrot was sitting.

The parrot flew away to save his life, and the elephant laughed out loud.

In the same forest, a small ant lived on the bank of the river, although the ant was smaller in size but very sharp from the mind.

Ant used to do her work with sincerity and hard work; she was very friendly, never bothered anyone, and minded her own work.

The ant would go to the forest every morning in search of food and returns home with food in the evening.

One day that arrogant elephant was thirsty; when he saw the river in front of him, he went to the river bank to drink water.

While drinking water, he saw the same hardworking ant; she walked towards her house carrying a lot of food on her little back.

The elephant asked the ant, where are you going ant? Then the ant replied, brother Elephant, I am collecting food for the rain, then when the rain will come, I will not have to search for food.

Hearing all this, the elephant poured water on the poor ant and her house with its trunk and laughed out loud.

The entire food of the ant got washed away in the water, and his house was also destroyed.

The ant became sad and upset and said to the elephant, “One day you will have to face the punishment you have done, and he decided to teach the elephant a lesson.”

A few days later, the ant was going to the forest in search of food when she saw the same elephant sleeping under a tree.

While seeing the elephant, the ant thought, “this is a good time to take revenge on this elephant,” and she slowly entered the elephant’s trunk and started biting it hard.

After being bitten by the ant, again and again, the elephant woke up flustered from sleep and suddenly started crying. At first, he did not understand what was happening to him; later he understood that someone was biting his trunk from inside.

The ant called from inside “How are you elephant brother? All good?”

Hearing this, the elephant got very angry. He began to move his trunk vigorously; The elephant got tired because of moving its trunk for a long time. After all his efforts failed, he started pleading for the ant to be taken out.

He understood how it feels to harass others without reason. He apologized to the ant for his actions: After this incident, he decided not to do such a thing with anyone.

Not only this, the elephant helped to build the ant’s house and also collected food for it. In the same way, he also made the nest of that parrot and supported all the animals he had persecuted. Now the whole forest started loving that elephant, and all the animals became his friends.

Moral of The Elephant and the Ant moral story for kids is No one is big or small; do not underestimate anyone and disturb anyone without any reason; otherwise, you will have to suffer like this elephant.

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