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Once upon a time, King Krishna Dev Raya and his courtiers hunted in the forest. A large team of robbers was lurking in the bushes in the dense forest. The King and his hunting party, however, were unaware of it.

The thieves appeared before the hunting party while still in the forest. With weapons in hand, they commanded the King and his troops to lay down everything they had.

Even though the King and his warriors were more numerous, they had to give in to the robbers. The bandits robbed everything from the hunting group, including their clothes.

The robbers were immensely proud since they had overwhelmed the King and his warriors and looted all his goods. They sat like kings in front of the hunting party they had just stolen, ordering them to dance in front of them before releasing them. The courtiers began to cry as they contemplated their fate. They had lost everything, but the robbers were not pleased with the booty and forced them to dance.

Tenali was standing among the King and the crying courtiers, thinking of ways to bring the robbers down. Tenali reflected on the disaster that had befallen him and the courtiers. He was thinking about the dance they’d have to perform and how the robbers were sitting on the ground.

While considering this, he noticed that the robbers had left their weapons on the ground. The robbers, sure that they had utterly duped the hunting group, began dancing with them.

Tenali informed the King and the other courtiers that the robbers’ weapons had been left on the ground. They all went towards the robbers, grabbed their weapons, and jumped on them. The robbers were taken aback and terrified. They managed to break free from the clutches of the courtiers and flee.

So, the King and his courtiers could protect themselves and their wealth with Tenali’s help. When they returned to the palace, the king hailed Tenali Raman for his quick thinking and lavishly paid him.

Tenali Raman’s neighbour Tirumal once came to see him. Tirumala ran an inn in Hampi’s capital city called ‘Deccan Suryam’ (The Sun of South). He worked hard to get people to stay at the inn by making it comfortable, making fun of the service, and keeping the prices low. Tirumal, on the other hand, was unable to meet both ends. In despair, he sought the advice of his astute friend, Tenali Raman.

Tenali stated after listening to him, “It is quite straightforward.” “Your inn’s name must be changed.”

Tirumala exclaimed, “Impossible!” “For years, it has been known as ‘Deccan Suryam,’ and it is well-known across the empire.”

“No,” Tenali stated emphatically. “You must now call it ‘Panch Vani’ (The Five Bells) and place a row of six huge bells at the inn’s entrance.”

“Six big bells?” But this is unusual. “What would it accomplish?” The innkeeper was taken aback.

“Give it a shot and see,” Tenali offered, smiling.

Tirumala tried it out. Every tourist who passed by the inn stepped inside to point out the error of having six bells on the door instead of five. Everyone assumed that no one else had seen the error.

Once inside, the travellers were thrilled with the service and decided to remain! As a result, the inn became well-known and prospered.

When the King was travelling through the countryside one day, he encountered a farmer. The King, ever concerned about the well-being of his subjects, inquired as to how much he earned.

“Four coins per day, Your Majesty,” the farmer said.

“How will you spend the four coins?”

“One for myself, one for thanks, one for return, and one for interest.”

The King was perplexed and requested him to explain. “A portion of the money I spend on myself,” the farmer explained, “a portion on my wife in gratitude for all she does for the house, a portion on my aged parents to repay them for all they did for me, and a portion on my children, who I expect to repay me with interest by looking after my wife and me in our old age.”

“You’ve supplied me with a fantastic puzzle,” the King responded. “Please keep the response to yourself for a while until you’ve seen my face a hundred times.” “I will,” the farmer responded.

The following day, the king posed the puzzle to his courtiers. He told them what the farmer stated in response to his query about how he spent his money and asked them to explain what the farmer meant. Tenali Raman was the only courtier who knew the solution. He stated that he would respond in twenty-four hours. He sought out the farmer to whom the King had spoken and requested him to solve the mystery. The farmer initially hesitated to say anything but then agreed.

When Tenali revealed the answer to the riddle to the King, the King assumed that the farmer had breached his oath of silence. He summoned the farmer and demanded to know why he had broken his confidence. “Didn’t I instruct you not to expose the until you’d seen my face a hundred times?” the King questioned.

“And I saw your face a hundred times before I told him the answer, Your Majesty,” the farmer said.

“Tenali Raman gave me a bag of 100 coins, each with your face on it.”

Tenali’s wit thrilled the King, who lavished him with gifts, exclaiming, “Tenali, I’ve never met anyone with as many brains as you.” And you certainly deserve this gift for solving problems in such a short time!”

Tenali ran into a friend on the street the next day. Tenali asked the man what was bothering him because he appeared concerned.

“I have this dreadful dream every night,” the man explained. “I have a nightmare about a monster hiding beneath the bed. When I stand up and look around, I notice that no one is there. After that, I couldn’t sleep. I’m on my way to the doctor’s office right now. He claims to be able to cure me for a hundred gold coins.” Tenali screamed, “A hundred gold coins!” “I can solve your problem in five minutes!”

The man immediately gave Tenali Raman five gold coins. “Now tell me what to do,” the man continued.

“The solution is straightforward,” Tenali stated.

“Cut the bed’s legs off.”

Tenali was agitated that evening as she paced up and down the veranda. “What’s the matter?” his worried wife said.

Last month, I borrowed money from a neighbour. “I pledged to reimburse the funds before the end of this month,” Tenali elaborated.

“The deadline is tomorrow, and I need the funds.” “I’m at a loss for what to do,” Tenali elaborated.

“Go tell him you can’t pay!” exclaimed his wife. Tenali listened to his wife’s suggestion. When Tenali Raman went home, relaxed and cheerful, his wife inquired, “How did our neighbour react?”

“Ah, well,” Tenali grinned. “He’s now walking up and down his veranda.” Tenali Raman, with fun and wit, handled most difficulties in minutes.

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