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A long, long time ago, wishes came true. There lived a king with his pretty daughter.

Father, I am bored of playing with my old toys. I want something new to play with.
Ohh my dear, since you are precious, I will give you the most precious toy that my grandfather gave me in my childhood.

The king opened his golden safe and took a shining golden ball. “Take this ball, it will shine as bright as the sun under the sky.”
But this is very precious. Don’t lose it ever.

Thank you, father. You are the best father in the world.
The princess started playing in the garden. As the ball rolled down, she ran behind it everywhere.

Suddenly, there came an ugly frog, yeeeehhhh… Go away, you dirty frog.
I saw you from the bushes, and I was astonished by your beauty.
Would you allow me to be your friend and play with you?

Ahh! How could you even think of such a thing? I can’t play with an ugly warty frog like you!!!
I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. Why should I play with such a dirty thing?

I can hop, I can jump, I can even swim and catch your ball. I am the perfect one to play with! 
I would rather play alone than touch a dirty frog. All disgusted, the princess went back to the castle to get rid of the frog. 

The next day, she came to play with the ball. She chose a lonely spot under an old linden tree near a well. 
How calm and pleasing this place is!!! That horrid frog can’t find me here. 

She started to play with the ball. She threw it up and caught it again. 
While doing so, the ball shone in the sunlight, so bright that it dazzled her eyes. 

Instead of falling back into the maiden’s little hand, it dropped to the ground near the edge of the well and rolled into the well.
Oh no!!! My golden ball Oh, my golden ball.
Oh my god… It’s so deep. In the deep well, I can’t see where my ball is.

She wept and wept as if she could never be comforted, and in the midst of her weeping, she heard a voice.
What’s the matter, Princess of the King?
Your tears would melt the heart of stone. She looked around to see where the voice was coming from.
Oh, is it you, ugly frog?
I weep because my golden ball has fallen into the well. 
Never mind, I can help you, but what will you give me if I fetch your ball again? 
Whatever you like, dear frog.

Any of my clothes, my pearls and jewels, or even the crown that I wear.

Your clothes, your pearls and jewels, and your crown are not for me.

If you would befriend me and have me as your companion and play-fellow, and let me sit by you at the table, eat from your plate, drink from your cup, and sleep in your little bed, if you would promise me all this, then I will dive below into the water and fetch your golden ball again.

The princess got frustrated after hearing the ugly frogs’ long list of wishes.
but to get her golden ball back.
She decided to behave patiently with the frog. Oh yes, I will promise it all. 
Whatever you want. If only you could get my ball again. 
As soon as the frog heard her promise, he sank down out of sight.
After a while, he came to the surface again, and he threw it into the grass.

The princess was overjoyed to see her pretty plaything again, and she picked it up and ran away with it. 
Stop! Stop! Take me with you. I can not run as fast as you! But it was of no use. 

The next day, when the princess was sitting at the dining table with the king eating from her golden plate, there came a knock at the door.

Oh princess, let me in!!! The princess got up and ran to see who it could be.
But when she opened the door, there was a little frog. You dirty creature. 

How dare you come to my doorstep? She shut the door hastily and went back to her seat, feeling very uneasy.
The king noticed how quickly her heart was beating and asked, “My child, what are you afraid of?”
Is there a giant standing at the door ready to carry you away? 
Oh no, Daddy. There’s a horrid frog, and what does the frog want?
Oh daddy, When I was sitting by the well yesterday, playing with the golden ball,
It fell into the water, and the frog came and got it back for me on the condition that I let him be my companion.
And I promised him, but I never thought he could leave the water and come after me. 
But now there he is, outside the door, and he wants to come in.
Kings’ daughter, open the door for me! You made a promise to me!

Once you have promised, you must keep it. I opened the door and let him in.
So she went and opened the door, and the frog came in, following her heels till she reached her chair. Thank you.
Lift me up to sit by you, “the princess looked at him angrily, but again saw her father’s stern face. 

He lifted him up. Ahhhh… Now we may eat together. 
The princess ate the food unwillingly, and the frog feasted heartily.
Give me some more soup, please. 
It’s so yummy! I’ve never had that in my tummy before!
The frog cleared the soup bowl again, but the morsel seemed too sick in the princess’s throat.
Thank you so much, princess.

I have had enough now and I am tired. You must carry me to your room and prepare your silken bed, after which we will lie down and sleep.

Enough… You better leave the palace. Right now, ugly.
My dear daughter, these words don’t suit a king’s daughter.
You have promised the frog, so you must keep it now.
A king cannot charge someone for their word once it has been given to them.

This is the old tradition we all have to follow.

She picked up the frog with her finger and thumb, carried him upstairs, and put him in a corner.
You better stay here all night or else. I will throw you into the dark woods tomorrow.

I am tired and I won’t sleep as comfortably as you. Take me up or I will tell the king.
You horrible frog!

She picked him up and threw him with all her strength against the wall.
But as he fell, he died immediately.
Huh? Wake up, you silly frog. Stop this drama now.

The princess pocked him with her finger, but he was dead as a stone. 
Is he really dead? Ohh my god…
What I have done Please wake up the frog. I am so sorry for my misbehavior.

She picked him up in her hand and kept weeping. And she softly kissed the frog. 
With all the wonders, the frog opened his eyes and jumped right onto the floor. 

He ceased to be a frog and suddenly became a charming prince with beautiful eyes.
Oh my goodness! Who are you? Where is the little frog?
Don’t worry, I am the same frog, and now I am the prince. I will tell you the whole story. 

When I was a human, I was shrewd and arrogant. 
Once, I was hunting in the forest, killing the animals. 
Suddenly, a wood fairy came into my way. You pitiful human.
These animals are not your toys to play with; they are living things like you are.
God has created this wonderful nature, and you are destroying it. Have they ever hurt you?
How dare you talk to me like this?
Don’t you know who I am?
I am the princess of the kingdom, and this forest belongs to me. 

Every tree, every animal, and everything on this land belongs to me.
Ignorant Prince Nature belongs to God. The creator of his universe is god, not you?
You don’t have any right to kill innocent animals! 
The enough lady moves aside, and the wood fairy transforms into a massive and tall woman.
The prince got scared of seeing her.

You arrogant human.I curse you to be a tiny frog. Now the snacks of this forest will hunt you down for a meal.
It was like you were hunting the poor deer for your meal.
Immediately, the prince transformed into a frog.
Ohh…What did you do to me? I beg you, wood fairy.
Please forgive me. I promise I will never harm Mother Nature again.

I will be kind to every creature. I promise. Please forgive me.
I think you have realised your mistakes. Your arrogance, however, will not go unpunished.I will give you a counterspell.

Yes, please, my lady. I will prove myself.
You must search for a princess who disrespects the poor creatures and convince her to be kind to you. 

If you succeed in changing one human’s nature, only then will you become a prince again.
The princess felt ashamed of being so unkind. Don’t be sad, beautiful princess.

Now promise me you will not treat anyone so disrespectfully. You will be kind to everyone.
Yes, I will, Prince. 

Ohh, that’s great. since you have decided to remain kind-hearted.
Can I ask for a favour from you?
Of course, anything you wish. 
You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. I am in love with you.

Will you marry me, princess?
Without a hesitation, the beautiful princess said yes to the charming prince.
With her father’s consent, they got married. 

Everyday, the couple feed the animals and take the utmost care of nature’s creativity.
The wood fairy saw the couple’s kindness and was very happy.
Well done, my children.

You have proved yourselves to be divine human beings.
This divine humanity resides in every human being. 
But those who awaken to this nature become divine.
God will always shower his blessings upon you both.
Thereafter, the couple lived happily and blessedly forever.

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