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Curious Monkey

There was a lot of chaos in the city of Varanasi. A new temple was in the process of being built, and there were a lot of carpenters working on it.

One of the carpenters’ jobs was to cut the logs in half with a saw. As he started to work on a new log, his friend came and said, “It’s getting late.” Why don’t we eat lunch first? Then we can go back to our work and finish it.

The log cutter agreed immediately, and he put a wedge between the parts of the log he had already cut. This wedge would help ensure that the two pieces would stay apart while he ate his lunch.

Right after he left, a group of monkeys came and started playing with the carpenter’s tools.

One proceeded to the log that still needed to be cut and started playing.

Suddenly, he saw the wedge separating the cut part of the log from the rest and became very interested in the wedge. He needed to understand why it was kept in the middle of the cut part of the big log.

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He then put his legs on either side of the cut log and pulled on the wedge. The log was very stuck, and it could not came out all at once.

The monkey then pulled even more complex tricks on it. The wedge slipped out of the log all of a sudden. But when the wedge came out, the log slammed shut so fast that the monkey’s leg got stuck in it!

It took a long time before the monkey could free his badly hurt leg. His friends ran to help him, and since he couldn’t walk, they helped carry him away.

From then on, the monkey didn’t care about things he didn’t know or understand.

Moral: Never play with things you do not understand. Sometimes curiosity kills.

Curious Monkey story

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