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Poor Donkey

Once upon a time, there was a washerman who lived in the city of Kasi. The washerman had a dog and a donkey as a pet, which he used to ride to the Ganga riverbank to wash his clothes.

The washerman was fast asleep one night when a thief broke into his house. The thief began to steal everything he could get his hands on.

The thief was inside the house, but the donkey, which was still awake and standing right outside, saw him. He immediately woke the dog sleeping next to him and said, “Wake up, my friend! A thief is in the house!”

The dog moved around in his spot and said, “Then what? Just go to sleep again!”

The dog’s words shocked the donkey, so he scolded the dog, “What the heck is wrong with you? In this case, isn’t it your job to wake up the master?”

The dog was annoyed by what the donkey had said, so he replied, “And now, you donkey, are you trying to tell me what my duties are?” Look, the master hasn’t been feeding me well for the last few days. So, I’m not willing to bother to wake him up either.”

The angry donkey shouted, “Is this a good time to complain like this?” “You can tell the master later, but first, you need to wake him up. The thief will get away if you don’t!”

The dog yawned and said, “Okay.” “Let it be! We need to teach our master a lesson!” And so on, the dog fell back to sleep.

The dog made the donkey very angry, saying, “Do whatever you want. But I won’t just sit here and let this thief take what belongs to my master!” The donkey started making a lot of noise.

When the thief heard the donkey bray like that, he ran to a corner of the house and hid. When the donkey screamed, the washerman also got up and looked around to see if something was wrong.

He didn’t see the thief hiding, so the washerman ran out into the courtyard and beat the donkey with a stick.

When the dog heard all the noise, he woke up again. He laughed hard when he saw the thief running away while the master didn’t see him and the donkey crying out in pain.

The poor donkey never bothered to wake his owner again if a thief entered the washerman’s house.

Moral: We should always take care of our own business and should not interfere with the work of others.

Poor Donkey Story

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