Rosie the Proud Red Rose Story

The Proud Rose Story

The Proud Rose Story with Podcast

“Kids, today I’ll tell you a story about Rosie the Proud Red Rose, who learned something very big,” the storyteller began, smiling at the eager faces around her.

In a sunny desert full of different plants, there was a special spot where everyone was friends. There was a tiny rose named Rosie, with the reddest petals you’ve ever seen. She was very pretty.

As Rosie grew, she became even more beautiful. “I’m the prettiest of all,” she would say with a big smile. The other plants, like the big palm tree and the smiley sunflower, cared for Rosie. They gave her water and made sure she had a nice spot in the sun.

One day, Rosie looked at Cactus, who lived right next to her. “Cactus, you’re not pretty like me. Your skin is prickly, and you don’t have flowers,” she said, not being very nice.

Cactus, who was very kind, just smiled. “We all are special, Rosie. Maybe one day you’ll see.”


Rosie didn’t listen. She thought she was the best.

Then, one night, a big storm came. It was scary and loud. Cactus leaned over to protect Rosie. “Don’t be scared, Rosie! I’ve got you,” Cactus said bravely.

After the storm, only Rosie and Cactus were left standing. Rosie felt a little sad about how she acted before. “Thank you, Cactus,” she said quietly.

But then, the sun got very hot, and there was hardly any water. Rosie started to feel weak. “I don’t feel good,” she whispered.

Cactus, without thinking twice, shared his water with Rosie. “Here you go, Rosie. You’ll feel better soon.”


And Rosie did feel better! She looked at Cactus and said, “I was wrong, Cactus. I’m sorry for being mean. You saved me.”

Cactus smiled. “It’s okay, Rosie. We’re here to help each other.”

Rosie learned her lesson. She started telling all the new plants, “Being pretty isn’t everything. Being nice and helping friends is what makes us truly beautiful.”

And that’s how Rosie the Proud Rose learned to be kind and see the beauty in everyone.

“Remember, kids,” the storyteller finished, “it’s what we do for others that makes us truly special.

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