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Thief Crow

It happened during a festival for Lord Garuda, who is known as the King of all birds. As a sign of respect for their Lord, the birds all said they would embark on a pilgrimage to the seashore.

When the quail heard this, he turned to his friend the crow and asked, “Don’t you think we should also embark on this pilgrimage?”

The crow answered right away, “Of course! It will be a lot of fun! We’ll all go with our friends and pay our respects to the Lord.”

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So, as the two friends had decided, the quail and the Thief crow took off for the seashore.

On the road, they saw a group of cows walking by with bowls of curd on their backs. The crow turned to the quail and asked, “Why don’t we go eat some of that curd?” Those stupid cows won’t even notice that we ate some of their food. “

The quail turned around and told the crow, “We’re embarking on a pilgrimage for our Lord.” How could you even think about stealing, which is a terrible sin? “

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The crow didn’t like what the quail said, so he said, “It’s fine if you don’t want to come. But don’t tell me what to do or what to avoid.

The crow then flew to some cows and ate the delicious curd one of them was carrying. He did this for a long time until one of the cows became suspicious.

She told her friends immediately, and they put their bowls down and looked up to see who was stealing her curd. They saw a crow and a quail flying above, and they decided that both were stealing her curd.

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When the crow saw the cows, he knew he was in trouble. He turned quickly to the quail and said, “Run, my friend!”

But the quail said, “I wasn’t the thief.” You were. ” Why, then, will they hurt me?

The crow didn’t have time to argue with his friend, so he said, “Safe yourself!” I am flying away! “

The crow took off at full speed, but the quail stayed on the same branch where she had been sitting.

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A stone hit the quail, and when she looked around, she saw that the cows were aiming more stones at her.

When the quail saw this, she ran away quickly, but before she could get to safety, she was hit by another stone. Since that day, the quail has never seen the crow again.

Moral: Bad company often leads to trouble.

The Thief Crow | Hitopadesha Tales

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