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Fake Tiger

A long time ago, a washerman named Vilasa lived in Hastinapur. Vilasa had a donkey that he used every day to carry his clothes.

The poor donkey got weaker and weaker as the days passed by. It was no longer strong enough to carry the heavy load Vilasa had put on it. Soon, Vilasa realized that the poor animal would die if he didn’t do something to feed his donkey.

Vilasa didn’t have enough money to feed his poor, hungry donkey well. So, he devised a way to feed his donkey without spending a single penny of his own money.

He put a tiger skin around the donkey and let him go that night near a cornfield. The farmer who owned the corn field saw a tiger coming from a distance toward his field. So, naturally, he got terrified and ran away.

The donkey then ate all the corn in the field and became obese over the next few days.

The so-called tiger that came to the corn farmer’s fields ate all of his crops every night. The farmer couldn’t take any more losses, so he hired a hunter to eliminate the “tiger.”

That night, the hunter lay still in the field, covered himself with a grey blanket, and waited patiently for the tiger to come to the field.

When it was, in fact, very late at night, the hunter saw some movement along the edge of the corn fields. He thought that the tiger was there. The hunter set his sights on the tiger and waited for it to get closer so he could shoot his arrows.

On the other hand, when the donkey saw grey blanket which was far away, the donkey thought it was a girl donkey. The donkey started running toward the blanket while braying loudly without even look around and check carefully.

When the hunter heard the donkey scream like that, he knew it wasn’t a tiger. It was just a donkey. So, when the donkey got close enough to the hunter, the man jumped on him and beat him as he had never been beaten before.

Since then, the donkey has never again put on a tiger’s skin and tried to eat in someone else’s corn fields.

Moral: Don’t try to be someone you’re not—act based on what’s happening.

Fake Tiger Story | Hitopadesha Tales

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