Jesus Has Arisen | Bible Story

Jesus Has Arisen

Peter and another disciple were walking that day to Emmaus, near Jerusalem, when Jesus walked beside them. They talked about the terrible happenings of the last few days concerning Jesus of Nazareth, but they could not recognize Jesus beside them! They spoke about the tomb and the vision seen by Mary Magdalene.

Then Jesus explained all the scriptures to them from Moses to the present day. They invited him to come with them and share their meal. And as they ate, they realized with wonder that it was Jesus who sat with them!

They returned with him to Jerusalem the following day and met all the other disciples. They said the Lord had arisen, but the others were frightened at first.

Jesus told them gently that they shouldn’t have doubted him after he told them he would be alive again on the third day. He showed them the wounds on his hands, feet, and side that he had received during his execution.

“Go into the world, all of you,” he said. “Preach the gospel to every creature.” Those who believe shall be saved. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, baptize them. Teach them what I have commanded you. Heal them and cast out demons from them. Peace be with you!

The disciples worshipped Jesus. But when Thomas came, he doubted that it was Jesus they had seen. He said he would only be convinced if he touched the wounds of Christ. And Jesus, in his compassion and love, came to them and allowed Thomas to touch his wounds and clear all his doubts! For forty days, Jesus appeared to his disciples.

Before they went to different parts of the world, he told them to stay in Jerusalem for a time until they had prepared for their work.

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