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Ungrateful Lion Story

A mighty lion used to live in a big cave in the forest. The lion was the king of the jungle, and everyone who lived there loved and respected him.

But a mouse living in a small hole outside the lion’s cave caused him a lot of trouble. When the lion lay down to sleep, the mouse would come out of its hole and quietly nibble at its mane. This is what he ate.

When the lion got up and saw what had happened to its luxurious, soft mane, he was furious. Since then, the poor lion has tried many times to catch the mouse, but each time he has failed.

The lion finally got tired of the mouse’s constant tricks, so he did something about it. He went to the village and bought himself a cat.

He gave the cat a lot of food, and when he fell to sleep, the cat stood guard over the lion. When the mouse saw the cat standing next to the lion’s head, it was too scared to come out of its hole. The mouse didn’t touch the lion’s mane for the next few days.

Every time the mouse moved around trying to get to the lion’s mane, the lion would give the cat something to eat right away. This made it impossible for the mouse to get out.

The mouse was so upset that it couldn’t eat the lion’s mane that it packed up and left the cave.

The lion stopped feeding the cat when he realized the mouse was missing and his mane was safe. After a few days, the cat realized that she was no longer needed, so she, too, left to find food elsewhere.

Moral: To be valued, you have to be able to adapt quickly to changing situations.

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