The Sky is Falling Down Bedtime Story

The Sky is Falling Down Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, there was a jungle. That jungle has a lot of trees and animals.

One particular day the strong wind was blowing. The wind was making whistling sounds in the jungle.

A timid rabbit was living in that jungle. The sound of the wind was sacred to a timid rabbit that lived in the jungle.

Rabbit says, “that noise is so scary; let me hide under a mango tree.” Rabbit hid in his barrel under the mango tree.

Suddenly, he heard a heavy sound. The frightened rabbit sprang out of his bow.

The rabbit started screaming, the sky is falling! The sky is falling! The sky is falling” and running as fast as he could.

On the way, the Fox saw the scared rabbit running. The Fox asked the rabbit, what happened? Why are you running?

The rabbit replied hurriedly. “Don’t stop me; I have to run.” The sky is falling! Didn’t you hear that scary noise? That was the falling sky noise.

And the rabbit again started running.

Hearing this from the rabbit, Fox also got sacred, and without really checking the truth, Fox also started running. As both of them kept running.

There came Zebra when he saw that both of them were running. He stopped them and asked. Why both of you are running?

Oh, don’t slow our pace, Zebra! The sky is falling. Run as much as you can; the sky is falling.” replied the Fox. Listening to Fox, even Zebra started running.

As three of them started running. All other animals in the jungle joined them, such as giraffes, elephants, deer, and horses, all started running.

When a bear saw them, he asked them why all of them were running? What is the problem? What is the matter? Giraffes said to him, “run bear run! The sky is falling; please run; otherwise, all of us get killed.

Even the bear started running after hearing this. Ultimately all of the animals came to the king of the jungle Lion.

After hearing the noises, The Lion King came out of his den.

Lion King asked all animals. Why are you all running? Who is scaring you? Let me know?

All the animals replied with curses.

King “The sky is falling” “The sky is Falling.”

The Lion was surprised and asked all animals, who told you this?

The rabbit came forward and said, “Oh my lord, king Lion “the sky is falling.” Don’t stop us; we have to run.

But the clever Lion was not willing to accept such stories. The Lion asked the bear who told you that sky is falling. Bear replied, “Giraffes told me.”

Then Lion asked the giraffe who tells you the sky is falling; giraffes replied, “Zebra told me.”

Once again Lion asked Zebra, who tells you the sky is falling; he replied that Fox told me and then came to the rabbit.

Therefore, Lion asked the rabbit to take him to where the sky fell. The rabbit took the Lion and other animals to the mango tree.

But what did they see there? They’re a big mango lying on the ground.

It was now clear to all the animals what had happened. They were ashamed of believing the rabbit’s words.

Moral of the story – Do not jump to any conclusion before investigating the matter fully.

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