Four Friends short moral Story for kids

Overview of the story- In this Four Friends short moral story for kids you will read how both of them save each other life this story is the best exmaple of unity of strength.

A long time ago, in a jungle, there lived three friends: a turtle, a crow, and a mouse. They were extremely good friends and always helped each other.

They were sitting beside the lake one day when they noticed a deer walking up to them. It was their first time seeing a deer in the jungle.

The turtle said you are a new being I have never seen you in this jungle before I am new to this jungle the previous jungle in which I live I had no friends there, I tried to befriend other animals but no one wanted to be my friend so I left this jungle and left this jungle.

So you’re all alone and need a friend? Yes, the turtle, the crow, and the rat all smile at each other.

although we were just three friends so far now we are four. The deer became friends with them the next day, and all four of them walked in separate areas to seek food. By the evening, they were all in the same spot, and things went on like this for a few days.

Then one day, the deer failed to return in the evening, and the other three pals became concerned.

the sun has almost set why hasn’t the deer yet returned yes he should have been back by now we much go and look for him, yes let’s go and search for him no you to amigo he said only I will go because I can fly thus I may have a wider view and will be able to touch him quickly.

the crowd took off to search for the deer after wandering for a while the crow heard a voice.

he gazes down at the ground and saw the deer is trapped in a net seeing his friend in a dreary condition he immediately went down to him dear friend just helped me get out of there you don’t worry let me think of something without wasting time he flew back to the turtle and the rate who was waiting for the crow detailed the entire event to them for him.

What are you saying, a hunter? Yes, a hunter has drafted here, and my friend, come with me before the hunter returns. no the trap with your sharp teeth.

the crow and the rat reached the spot closet, my friend, the rate quickly not the net and the deer was freen the turtle also reached there and said are you ok my friend.

deer said yes I’m fine all of you saved me then suddenly the hunter to the spot and saw the deer freet the rat saw the hunter seeing the hunter came closer all of them started running but the turtle however could neither run nor hide and the hunter caught the turtle put him a sack and took him away after some time the deer the rate and the crow gathered at one place they were very sad about the turtle being captured.

Then the deer remarked, “In order to preserve my life, the turtle was seized,” and the crow responded, “I have a technique to save the entire.” alone and we are three he hasn’t reached the river yet the crow explained their history and how it has to be executed that a brilliant idea lets go.

Now when they reach lakeside according to the crow trick the deer pretended to be dead and the crow pretended going out the crow’s eyes the rate was ready waiting in The hunter approached the area and spotted the deer lying dead on the road.

He said, “Wow, my dear.” The hunter became greedy and went ahead to grab the deer.

The hunter approached the area and spotted the deer lying dead on the road. He said, “Wow, my dear.” The hunter became greedy and went ahead to grab the deer.

the hunter failed to understand what was happening by now the rate had bred the turtle from the SAP-they- immediately rushed toward the bushed the hunter came back disappointed to pick up the sack only to discover that it was not the sack and that the turtle had escaped, the hunter was distressed.

On the other hand, the turtle, the deer, the rate, and the crow reunited with happiness circuits.

  • Moral From this jury we learn a lesson that unity is strength.

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