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A long time ago, a child named Jack lived with his mother in a village. He was very poor, and his days were passing with incredible difficulty. He had an old cow whose milk he was selling to make ends meet; everything was well until the cow suddenly stopped giving milk.

Then one day, Jack’s mother called Jack and said, “Jack, our cow has become very old and has stopped giving milk. You take it and sell it in the city so that we can earn some income, and we can also start a small business.” Jack nodded yes after listening to his mother.

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The next day, when Jack is about to leave the house to sell the cow, his mother says, “Jack, beware of thieves and robbers while coming and going, and yes, and yes remember don’t let someone fool you and pay you less for the cow.”

The next day Jack left for the city to sell the cow. When he was passing through a forest, he met an old magician on the way. He looked at Jack and said, ‘Young children, where are you going with this cow? Jack tells the old magician that he is taking the cow to town to sell it.

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Jack starts returning to the city, and only then the old magician stops Jack and says, Jack, you sell me this cow; in return, I will give you a handful of magic beans; wherever you plant those beans, there will be very tall trees. A tree that will grow, the charisma of which you will come to know when the time comes, and this tree will get rid of your poverty.

Jack is greatly impressed by the magician’s words and happily gives his cow to the magician in exchange for a handful of beans.

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When Jack returns home, his mother wonders how soon he got back and where the cow is. Jack tells his mother everything that happened to him.

Jack’s mother gets furious with Jack after listening to him and starts crying out of grief. She angrily takes the beans from Jack’s hands, throws them out the window, and doesn’t even let Jack have dinner that night. Jack goes to bed hungry.

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When Jack’s eyes open the following day, he sees that very tall trees have grown outside his window. He immediately understands that all this is the wonder of those magical beans.

As he ran to those trees, he was surprised to see how tall they were; they were rising above the clouds.

The leaves on those trees were the size of a house. Jack quickly climbed the tree, jumping from one leaf to the next.

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Jack had been hungry since last night; now, he was feeling hungry. Jack kept climbing higher and higher on the tree; when he got tired, he would sit on a leaf, rest, and start climbing back up.

Jack’s curiosity increased, and he wanted to see what was on top of the tree. After some time, he reached above the clouds.

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As soon as Jack reaches above the clouds, he sees a vast and beautiful palace. He descends above the clouds and curiously starts moving toward the palace.

Jack walked slowly and reached the palace door. He softly knocked on the door, and after a while, a huge woman opened the palace door. Jack was scared to see such a huge woman, and the woman was also surprised to see a human child.

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Jack fearfully asks the woman, “Can you please give me something to eat?” I haven’t eaten anything since last night, and I am starving.

The demonic woman looked at Jack and said, “Get out of here as fast as you can. My husband is coming, and he likes to roast humans for breakfast.” You run away from here as soon as possible.

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“If you give me anything to eat, I am starving; I will eat immediately and leave.” After listening to him, the demon felt sorry for him and took him to the palace.

The demon gave Jack bread, butter, and milk to eat and drink. In just a few minutes, Jack finished his meal as if he hadn’t eaten for years.

Suddenly the demonic saw the demon coming, and she was terrified; she did not want to hand over Jack to him under any circumstances. He immediately hid Jack inside a huge oven. Only then did the demon enter the palace. He detects the odor of a human being in his palace; he exclaims happily that he will be eating roasted human meat today, and he begins dancing joyfully.

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Jack’s blood was drying at the sight of such a giant monster, and he was trembling with fear inside the oven. Just then, the demonic brought a roasted goat in a huge pot, put it in front of the demon, and said, “Stupid demon! You keep smelling of humans all the time. Now immediately eat your breakfast and go to sleep.

After eating the goat kept on the table, the demon asked the demon to collect his bag full of gold coins. After counting all the coins, he left those bags on the same table and went to sleep.

After the monster leaves, Jack immediately comes out of the oven. I don’t know where he got the courage; he climbs on the table, takes one of those bags full of gold coins, runs out of the palace, and slowly comes down with the help of a tall tree.

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As soon as Jack reaches the garden of his house, he calls out to his mother, “Mother, mother, look what I have brought from the top of this huge tree!” The widowed woman, who is very worried about not finding Jack, is happy to hear her son’s voice.

Jack comes inside the house with his mother and shows her the bag open; Jack’s mother is happy to see so much gold; she hugs her son and says, “Jack, now all our poverty is over.” “Now you too will be able to wear stylish clothes like the rest of the kids, and we will be able to eat our fill.”

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Jack and his mother have now built a beautiful and strong house in place of the dilapidated hut, and their few years there were spent happily and peacefully. One day when Jack peeped into the bag, he saw only one coin in it. Jack understands that all his money is spent, and he will have to go back upstairs and make some money.

Jack climbs the tree again the following day, and after some time, he reaches outside of the palace. He knocked softly on the door, and the demon opened the door again. As soon as she saw Jack, she said, “Run away from here immediately.” Otherwise, my monster husband will eat you instantly.

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Jack repeats his old words and says he is starving; give him something to eat. demonic brings Jack back inside and gives him bread and juice.

Just as Jack finishes his meal, he sees the monster coming, runs away, and hides behind a curtain. As soon as the demon comes, he says, today I smell a human being; today I will eat a roasted human.

“The demon always smells human; this is the smell of roasted sheep; eat it quietly,” she said, handing him 100 pieces of bread and roasted sheep.

After finishing the food, the demon requests his magical hen. As soon as the hen comes, the monster says to the hen, “Give me the golden egg, magical hen.” And the hen lays a golden egg, then the demon roars, “One won’t do!” I want another egg. The hen lays another egg, trembling with fear.

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The monster leaves the hen there and takes the egg. Jack watches all this with astonishment. As soon as the monster leaves, Jack immediately picks up the chicken and runs away. Hearing the sound of the hen, the demon wakes up and returns.

Only then does he see that Jack is running away with the hen, so he runs after Jack. As soon as he is about to catch Jack, Jack jumps and climbs the tree and starts coming down quickly. The demon started shouting angrily; his voice was like the thunder of the clouds.

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Jack gets very scared and starts descending fast; the monster is not yet able to decide whether he should chase after Jack or not. Will this tree be able to handle its weight? After thinking for a while, the monster also starts coming down behind Jack. Jack gets even more scared seeing this, and he begins descending more rapidly.

Due to the monster’s weight, the tree was shaking very fast; the people gathered near the tree and could not understand what was happening. Then, they suddenly saw Jack quickly coming down from the tree and only then did they notice the demon after Jack. Everyone starts running away after seeing the demon.

As soon as Jack gets to his garden, he grabs an axe from the house and starts cutting the tree down. Seeing Jack cutting the tree, the monster understands that he is in trouble; he says to Jack, “Small child, don’t cut the tree; I will go back, and you keep this chicken too. But Jack does not listen to him and chops down the tree. As a result of cutting the tree, the demon falls from a great height and dies.

After getting the hen that laid the golden egg, Jack never had money problems again, and he and his mother lived happily ever after.

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