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A long time ago, a noble and kind king named Dyumatsen ruled in a kingdom named Shalva. His wife’s name was Rani Shaivya, and his son’s name was Prince Satyavan. It was famous about Satyavan that he was very bright and supremely majestic, but he had to die at a very young age.

One day Dyumatsen suddenly became blind. When the enemies of his kingdom heard about this, they conspired against him and attacked the Shalva kingdom. Dyumatsen fled to the forest with Queen Shaivya and Satyavan to save his life.

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Shaivya was no longer a queen. She lived in a forest hut and spent her days worshiping, just like her husband.His son, Satyavan, took care of his parents by collecting wood and flowers in the forest. Shaivya and Dyumatsen were often saddened by the thought that their son would die young.

Madra’s princess Savitri knew that Satyavan would not live long, yet she married Satyavan.

Savitri used to pray and fast every day after her marriage for her husband’s long life. Savitri never left Satyavan alone and used to help him with every task. One day, Satyavan and Savitri headed to the forest to collect wood.

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After a while, Satyavan started having a headache, and soon he fainted and died. Savitri started crying after seeing Satyavan’s condition. Then she saw the shadow of some divine man near Satyavan’s body.

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That divine man was none other than Yamdev, the god of death. Yamraj took Satyavan’s soul with him. Savitri also started following Yamraj.

When Yamraj realized that Savitri was also following him, he said to her, “Savitri, you may return; you still have a lot of life left.” But Savitri refused to go back without her husband and started following Yamraj.

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Yamraj asked Savitri why she was coming after him. Then Savitri replied that whenever two people walk seven steps together, they become friends. As a result, we have become friends, and I will accompany you.

Yamraj is overjoyed after listening to Savitri. He says to Savitri, “Savitri, I am happy to hear from you.” You may ask for any boon except for Satyavan’s life.

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After thinking for a moment, Savitri said, “I pray that you cure my father-in-law’s eyes.” Yamraj replied, “Amen.”

After some time, Yamraj sees that Savitri is coming back after him, so he again asks her the reason for following him. So Savitri says that it is written in the scriptures that one should live with good men, that’s why I am walking with you.

Yamraj was delighted when he heard these words from Savitri and said to her, “Savitri, I am very pleased with your eloquence.” You may ask for any boon except for Satyavan’s life.

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After thinking for a while, Savitri said that my father-in-law should return to his kingdom. This time again, Yamraj requested Savitri’s return along with saying Amen.

After a while, he glances back and sees Savitri coming right after him. This time he angrily asks Savitri, “Why are you coming back even after my repeated refusal and giving the boon twice?”

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Savitri says that since you are Dharmaraj, the entire world is bound by your rules, and after the completion of a man’s life, you take his soul with you. Those who are like you give fearlessness to even those who come under your protection, and I am a poor human anyway.

Yamraj becomes very happy after listening to Savitri, and this time he speaks to ask for a boon for himself.

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Savitri gets to thinking after listening to Yamraj, and after some time she asks Yamraj to offer me the boon of one hundred sons. Yamraj moves forward by saying amen to Savitri.

After a while, he notices that Savitri is following him. This time Yamraj becomes very angry and says to Savitri, “Savitri! I explained everything to you again and again and urged you to go back. In addition to this, I gave you three other boons, but you still refuse to give up your stubbornness. If you still don’t go back, I will be forced to curse you.

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After listening to Yamraj, Savitri humbly folded her hands and said to Yamraj, “Dev, you have given me only two boons.” Yamraj gets thinking after listening to her and asks, “Savitri, I have given you three boons; how do you understand only two?”

After listening to him, Savitri said, “Dev, as the third boon, you have given me the boon of having a hundred sons.” But I am a chaste woman, and how will I get a hundred sons without my husband?

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Yamraj gets confused after listening to Savitri, and then he realizes his mistake.

Yamraj frees Satyavan, and after blessing him to live for a hundred years, he disappears.

In this way, Savitri avoided the death of her husband by implicating God in her words.

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