Elizabeth Zacharias and Gabriel | Bible Story

Elizabeth Zacharias and Gabriel (image Credit = oblates)

In Judaea lived a priest named Zacharias with his wife, Elizabeth. They had no children, and every day when he went to the Temple, Zacharias prayed for a child. One day, when he prayed, an angel appeared before him.

“Don’t be afraid, Zacharias!” said the angel. “My name is Gabriel, and I have been sent by God to confirm the answer to your prayers. You shall have a son whom you must call John. He shall have the grace of God with him like the prophets, and he will turn the hearts of people towards God. He will prepare people for the coming of the Lord!”

Stunned, Zacharias asked the angel, “How is it possible for us to have a son now when we are so old?”

But Gabriel said that it was God’s will. But, since you do not believe me, you shall not be able to speak till you see God’s will performed! Then you will know that it is true. 

People were waiting outside, wondering why the priest was taking so long in his prayers today. But they waited patiently for the priest to come out of the temple. When they saw Zacharias come out, he looked dazed and was unable to speak. They knew he must have seen a vision sent by God. Only that could explain the look of wonder on his face.

Elizabeth’s first son was born after some time, and the old couple named him John. The people were filled with joy and celebration.

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