The Parable of The Talents | Bible Story

Parable of The Talents

A rich man had to go away for some time. He had ten gold coins, or talents, and gave one to each of his servants, telling them to use it wisely till he returned.

When he returned, he called his servants and asked how they had spent their time and used the money he had given them for trading.

It turned out that one servant had used it wisely and increased it to ten talents. The rich man was pleased with him and gave him ten cities to rule, for he was wise. Another servant increased it to five talents, giving him authority over five cities.

Thus, according to wisdom and common sense, the rich man rewarded his servants. The last servant came forward with the coin wrapped in a napkin.

“I was afraid of you, sir, for you are a very thrifty person, said the servant. Therefore, I kept this in a napkin and never used it.”

The rich man was furious and dismissed the servant. “For what is given must be used effectively.” He said, “Or else it shall be taken away!”

God is like a rich man who gives gifts to people. Jesus thus taught the people that whatever a person has, whether wealth or talent for doing something, must be used well and increased. Otherwise, it is wasted, and God’s gifts should never be destroyed.

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