Return to Nazareth | Bible Story

Return to Nazareth

When Herod died, the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream as promised and asked him to return to the land of his forefathers. Joseph was afraid of the new king, the son of Herod, so he thought it would be better to settle down somewhere far from Bethlehem or Jerusalem.

The last time Jesus was taken to Jerusalem was when he was an infant. His parents had taken him there to present him to the Lord. A just and devout older man of Jerusalem named Simeon was touched by the Holy Spirit. He had been told that he would definitely see the Lord’s Christ before he died.

When he saw the child with Mary and Joseph in the Temple, he came forward to bless him, for he recognized the Saviour. He told them their child had come to show people the right path and would bring glory to Israel.

“I have seen the salvation you promised me, Lord!” he prayed, thanking God. “Now I can die in peace as you promised!”

That day, an old prophetess named Anna, who always stayed and served in the Temple also saw the holy child.

She praised God and told everyone about the child who would bring salvation to the people.

Joseph took his family to their old home in Nazareth in Galilee. Jesus was strong and wise. Anyone who saw him loved him. People felt that this child seemed to have the grace of God upon him.

Joseph was a carpenter by profession. He taught his skills to his son. Soon, Jesus, too, began to help his father at work. Mary watched her son lovingly and taught him the laws of God.

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