Jesus Accepts Hospitality | Bible Story

Jesus Accepts Hospitality

At Bethany, six days before Passover, Jesus stopped at the house of his old friend, Lazarus. His sisters, Martha and Mary, were pleased to receive him. Martha cooked and served his meal. She applied a very expensive perfumed ointment to his feet and wiped it with her hair. The house was fragrant with oil.

Judas Iscariot, who was present, said, “This ointment should have been given to the poor or sold and the money given to them.” It is wasted now!

But Judas did not speak out of any genuine concern for the poor. He looked after the money that sometimes came to the disciples and was greedy. Jesus knew that Judas’ Iscariot would be the one to betray Jesus. He also knew that he would soon be killed by the Pharisees and the Romans, who were going to be encouraged by the scribes and elders of Jerusalem.

“Leave her alone,” said Jesus. “She kept this for me when I was buried.” The poor will be there later too, but I will not always be there with you.

Many people came to see Jesus. They also came to visit Lazarus, for they had heard that this was the man Jesus had raised from the dead. The chief priests would have liked to kill Lazarus, too, for as long as he was alive, he was living proof of the miracle that Jesus had performed. And people would believe Jesus if they saw Lazarus alive.

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