Jesus Selects His Apostles | Bible Story

Jesus Selects His Apostles

Jesus had already chosen the fishermen, Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, James and John, the sons of Zebedee, to carry on his work.

He saw Matthew, who collected taxes from the traders and fishermen at Capernaum. Matthew was counting the money he had collected. Jesus stopped and called to him. “Come, Matthew, follow me!” And Matthew left everything and followed Jesus.

Some of the people asked Jesus why he spoke to evil people and those who were hated, like tax collectors.

“The healthy do not require a physician,” replied Jesus. “The sick are the ones who need to be fixed.” I don’t have to help people who are already doing well, but I do have to help people who need God to forgive them.

Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, James, the son of Alphaeus, Simon the Canaanite, Lebbaeus, whose last name was Thaddeus, and Judas Iscariot were the people Jesus chose to be his disciples.

Don’t enter cities where people are good and believe in God. He told them, “Follow the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” “Tell them that Heaven’s Kingdom is close by.” Heals the sick, cleans people who are bad or dirty, and brings the dead back to life. You have been given everything free by God, so give it to others, too. Live in the house of some worthy person in each town, complete your task, and move on. Carry no money and keep no possessions.

You are like a sheep among wolves. Be prepared to face trouble, for people will doubt and hate you, and you may even be arrested and tried. But remember that you speak the word of God, your Heavenly Father. Preach what you learned from the rooftops, and don’t be afraid!

I am not here merely to bring peace but to carry God’s sword among people! Whoever cannot bear the heavy cross I lay is unfit to follow me!

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