John The Baptist Is Executed | Bible Story

John The Baptist Is Executed

John the Baptist was in prison, but even there, he heard of the miracles that Jesus performed and the task he carried out, spreading God’s word among the people. However, his days were numbered.

Herod married Herodias, who was married to Philip, his brother. She was an evil woman, and so was her daughter. John the Baptist had said that it was wrong for Herod to marry his brother’s wife, making Herodias very mad. But Herod had always been a bit afraid of John, for he knew that John was a just and holy man.

Once, on his birthday, Herod arranged a magnificent feast in his palace. He invited all the generals, chieftains, and nobles of the land. And the daughter of Herodias delighted everyone by dancing for them.

Herod was so pleased that he asked her to ask for something and promised to give her whatever she requested. Her mother told her to look for the head of John the Baptist. The girl ran to Herod and told him her request.

Herod was horrified. But he had given his word and was compelled to fulfill it. Therefore, he sent an executioner to the prison to behead John and bring his head to the assembly. His order was carried out to the ecstatic joy of Herodias, who was vengeful.

The disciples of John took his body and laid it in a tomb, and the sad news was given to Jesus. And Jesus spoke in praise of John to the people.

He was strong and brave! Did you think you would see a reed shaken in the wind or someone in soft clothes when he was in the wilderness? He was more than a prophet, for he prepared the way! And everything he has said will come to pass.

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