Jesus Begins God’s Work | Bible Story

Jesus Begins God’s Work

Jesus returned to Nazareth to begin the task God had sent him for. He went to the synagogue and read the passage that narrated the coming of the Messiah, prophesied by Isaiah. And he claimed to be the one God had sent to fulfill that prophecy.

The priests and elders were shocked. They whispered, “Isn’t this the son of Joseph, the carpenter?” “How can he dare to claim that he is the Messiah!”

And they thrust him out of the city, intending to kill him, but Jesus left them, saying that a prophet is never believed in his own country!

He was waiting beside the Sea of Galilee; he saw two fishing boats, one of which he saw Andrew and Simon setting off. He called to them and, boarding the ship, asked them to take it further into the sea.

That day, they had a huge catch. It was so large that their boat was ready to sink! Simon realized that a miracle was happening because of the presence of Jesus.

The sons of Zebedee were helping their father mend nets on the shore. When he reached the shore, Jesus called to them too.

“Come with me, and I shall make you a fisher of men,” said Jesus. And Andrew and Simon, James and John left everything behind to follow their master. Simon was later named Peter, meaning “rock,” as he was to be the foundation on which Christ’s church was to be built in the future.

Jesus had found his first four disciples, who were to help him and were to continue his task when he was not with them.

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