The Roman Empire | Bible Story

The Roman Empire

It had been foretold that a Messiah from God would come to redeem the people. But no Messiah has appeared yet. It was a difficult time for people. Years went by. The Persian kings were driven out of Palestine, the holy land, by the Greek forces.

An Israelite, Judas Maccabeus, revolted against the rulers and drove the Greeks out. But soon, the forces of the great Roman Empire invaded Palestine and took over Jerusalem. They set up their own government and religion.

They found the worship of God by the Israelites very strange. One of the Roman generals, Pompey, walked into the Temple of Solomon and looked around for the one being worshipped. He was surprised, for there were no deities or idols there.

The Roman Empire set up a king in Judaea. His duty was to collect taxes from the people and send them to Rome. The king was supported by strong Roman forces staying in Palestine and the surrounding areas.

Herod was King of Judaea. He was cunning and cruel and had no compassion whatsoever for the people over whom he ruled. He was feared and hated by the people of his land. But they were forced to obey whatever he ordered. The people prayed for someone to save them from their terrible sufferings under Herod and the Romans.

Unknown to them, God had begun the mysterious task of bringing the Messiah to this land. And this was no ordinary Messiah. It was the Son of God who would come as the new Messiah.

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