The Centurion’s Faith | Bible Story

The Centurion’s Faith

One day, travelling through the land, Jesus came to the town of Capernaum. A troop of a hundred soldiers was stationed there under a Roman Centurion. His servant was ill, and the Centurion was a kind master. He had been unable to cure his servant’s illness. But he had heard of Jesus and was glad to learn that Jesus had come to Capernaum.

He wished to meet Jesus and urged him to cure his servant’s illness. But he knew that the Romans were not in favour of this strange man who wandered through the land and taught people a different faith.

He requested the elders in the city to ask Jesus. They met Jesus and told him the Centurion was a kind man. The older people said, “He has been kind to everyone and built a synagogue for the Jews in this town.” “Help him and heal his servant.”

Jesus agreed and walked towards the Centurion’s house. Some of the Centurion’s friends met him on the way and said, “Sir, our friend has sent a message to request you not to take the trouble of coming all the way to his house.” His home is not worthy to receive you. He does not think himself worthy to come before you. But he says that if you speak a word from here, his servant will be healed!

You have authority, just as I have over my soldiers. Jesus smiled and marvelled at the deep faith of the centurion. “Follow your way.” As you believe, so it shall happen!” he told the friends. He turned to the people who had followed him and said, “I have not seen such deep faith even among the Israelites!”

And when they returned to the Centurion’s house, they found his servant was cured!

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