Frosty The Snowman story


Today, we’ll tell you the story of Frosty the Snowman, who comes to life thanks to a magical hat. Still, an evil magician is on his tail, trying to steal that magic hat.

Frosty the Snowman is the story of the evil magician and how a loving baby girl saves Frosty from him. Read the whole story to find out what happened to Frosty, the magician, and the charming girl.

                           Frosty The Snowman and the Magical hat

It all began with the first snow of the season; every child knows that it has a special magic. When it falls on the day before Christmas, something magical will happen!

Mr. Henry, please return to your seats; the snow can wait; I’ve hired Professor Hinkle, the magician, to entertain us at our Christmas party! Professor Hinkle was, unfortunately, well-known for being the world’s worst and most wicked magician. 

“So I put the eggs into my magic hat, “the Evil Magician explained.” Abracadabra, but what! The eggs have turned into a disaster. What happened to my rabbit? Where have you gone, Hocus Pocus? He had no idea that his rabbit’s hocus-pocus was hidden within the hat.

Professor Hinkle stated, “The only thing this home is useful for is the garbage can,” but the hat didn’t remain in the trash can for long. The Hat hopped out the door with hocus-pocus underneath! The bell rang at that point, and the kids had the entire Christmas vacation to themselves. 

“Wow, look at all that snow!” The children screamed as they rushed outside to construct the first Snowman of the season.

It was time to name him after the youngsters had given him eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

“How about Frosty?” Caron suggested. “Frosty the Snowman” is a fictional character.

The kids danced around Frosty, giggling over his coal-colored eyes and button nose.

Professor Hinkle, chasing hocus pocus, exclaimed, “Come back here, idiot!” Suddenly, the hat was blown onto Frosty’s head by a gust of wind!

The Snowman exclaimed, “Happy birthday!” “That hat brought Frosty to life; it must be magic!” Karin exclaimed.

Professor Hinkle demanded the hat back when he learned of this. “But it’s no longer yours,” Karin objected. 

“This hat will make me a millionaire!” exclaims the greedy magician, who immediately removes the hat from Frosty’s head.

Hocus pocus was convinced that the hat belonged to Frosty. So he hopped and replaced the magical hat on the wicked magician’s head and gave it back to Frosty again. 

“Hello, I said my first words. I’m alive!” Frosty exclaimed once more as the hat was placed on his head. What a wonderful thing to happen to such a decent guy like myself! ‘

Frosty danced around because of the magical hat. As Frosty began to laugh and play with the kids, the kids cheered. 

There has never been a more beautiful winter day! “Oh, I’m all wishy-washy!” Frosty shouted as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. I’m starting to turn into a puddle!

The kids realized they needed to get Frosty somewhere he wouldn’t melt, like the Frosty North Pole. They decided to go to the train station and look for a train for Frosty.

Frosty exclaimed, “Let’s have a parade through the towns!” “Kids, come on, follow the leader.”

This was too soon for the train, and Frosty, to depart. “I’ll accompany you, Frosty,” Karen said. “I’m confident I’ll be home in time for dinner.” 

Karen, Frosty, and Hocus-pocus boarded a freight train traveling north in a refrigerated boxcar.

No one noticed Professor Hinkle sneaking beneath, clinging to the train too.

A refrigerated boxcar is a fantastic mode of transportation. If you’re a Snowman or a furry-coated bunny, it’s perfect. But it was simply too cold for Karen, a young kid.

So when the freight train forced us to come to a halt, Frosty hurried them all out. Professor Hinkle jumped off as well, but no one noticed.

Karen was whisked away by Frosty on a hocus-pocus journey to a wooden glen, where they discovered animals decorating trees in preparation for their fantastic Christmas celebration. They were well aware that Santa Claus would be arriving that evening! 

The animals agreed to make a bonfire to keep Karen warm after Hocus-pocus spoke to them, but it didn’t take long for Professor Hinkle to catch up with all of them.

Frosty yelled, “Get on my shoulder, Karen!”

Frosty was the world’s quickest belly whopper since he was made of snow. He and Karen soon tumbled down a hill, far behind that greedy professor, Hinkle.

Karen could remain warm in the tiny greenhouse at the bottom of the hill, used to cultivate tropical poinsettias for Christmas.

Karen could remain warm in the tiny greenhouse at the bottom of the hill, used to cultivate tropical poinsettias for Christmas.

“You’ll melt in here, Frosty,” Karen worried.

“I’ll only be inside for a minute,” Frosty promised.

Professor Hinkle, the evil professor, caught up with them once more. He shut the door, keeping the friends inside!

Hocus-pocus led Santa Claus to the greenhouse that night to save Frosty. Frosty, on the other hand, had totally melted by that point.

“Don’t worry,” Santa politely advised Karin. Frosty will not be forgotten. As you can see, he was created from Christmas snow. You can bet your boots that when a nice happy December wind kisses it, it’ll transform back into Christmas snow! “

Frosty reappeared as Santa opened the door and the wind blew in. 

“I want that hat, and I want it now,” Professor Hinkle yelled as Santa was about to place the magical hat on Frosty’s head. “If you touch this hat, I’ll never bring you another Christmas present,” Santa answered. Now is the time to go home and write. I apologize a hundred million times for what I did to Frosty. Then maybe, just maybe, something will be waiting for you in your stocking tomorrow morning.

Professor Hinkle was very sorry, and he rushed home to begin writing.

“Happy birthday!” Frosty exclaimed once again. 

Karin was relieved to see her buddy again, but it was time for her to return home. Santa hoisted Karin into his sleigh and promised her to return with Frosty to the North Pole.

Karen was sad to say goodbye to Frosty, but Santa promised her that the magical Christmas snow would bring him back every year.

As he hurried on his way, Frosty waved goodbye. Every year, he shouted a promise to return the following Christmas, and he did!

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