Elephant and The Tailor Short Moral Story for Kids

Elephant and The Tailor

Once upon a time, there lived an elephant in a forest called Ghanapur, who came daily to drink water and bathe on the river banks.

To get to the elephant forest, he had to pass thru a village.

The village people were not afraid of that elephant and loved it very much because it had never harmed anyone to date.

There was also a tailor’s shop named Ram in the same village; Ram and Elephant became excellent friends.

The elephant used to go to Ram’s shop every day, and Ram used to feed him bananas.

Ram and Elephant’s friendship was famous in the village, and many people called him Elephant’s tailor.

This friendship continued for many years.

But once upon a time, Ram fell very ill and had to go to the doctor of another village for treatment.

Ram was very worried that he would have to keep his shop closed for a day when Ram’s son Rahul said, “Papa, don’t worry, I will take care of the shop”.

But before leaving, he tells Rahul, “Son, I know you like to be mischievous, but keep in mind that your mischief should hurt no one.”

Rahul says, “Papa, you go rest assured, I will take full care of the shop and will not do anything evil”.

Ram happily goes to see the doctor, and Rahul manages the shop.

Like every day, the elephant comes to the shop on that day too. The elephant is very surprised to see Ram for the first time, and then he extends his trunk toward Rahul and asks for bananas.

Rahul thinks that papa suffers a lot every day because of feeding this elephant bananas. Suppose I do not feed bananas to this elephant. In that case, our business will increase, and I can also show papa that I can run the business well.

Rahul does not give bananas to the elephant; then, the elephant moves its trunk forward again, and Rahul pricks the needle in its trunk in anger.

The elephant gets very angry and goes toward the river, and from there comes back to fill the trunk with mud and throw it in the whole shop.

Then Ram comes back, and when he comes to know about this, he runs to his shop and is very sad to see the condition of the shop.

He feeds the elephant with bananas using his hands and scolds his son greatly.

Rahul also realizes his mistake, and he apologizes to the elephant and feeds him bananas with his own hands.

Children, what do we learn from the story of the Elephant and the tailor – we should not break old friendships for profit.

Elephant and The Tailor

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