The Fox and The grapes Short Moral Story With Pictures


Once upon a time, many animals and birds lived together in a forest called Ghanapur.

There was also a fox named Laali. One day, it is a matter that the Laali fox is roaming in search of hungry and thirsty prey. Even till noon, when she does not get anything to eat, she becomes despondent and thinks that “Looks like today she will have to remain hungry.”

When the fox is very tired, she rests under a tree, and due to fatigue, she falls asleep. When the fox wakes up, she notices the tree under which she was sleeping is a grape tree, and on it were hanging large bunches of grapes.


Laali fox becomes very happy and thinks that now she will not starve and can eat grapes The Laali fox jumps hard to pluck the grapes, but what? She can not even reach the grapes. She tries back and then back again, but she cannot get the grapes.

The fox gets tired after jumping so much and thinks that he must find something else to eat. The grapes seem sour.

A wild boar named Akdu was watching all this incident. He stops Laali and tells him not to give up like this, and he calls the rest of his friends.

When 6-7 friends get together, they all make a pyramid by standing one on top of the other, and the Laali fox standing on top of them plucks a lot of grapes.

All the friends eat grapes after filling their stomachs and happily go home with laughter.

The story of the fox and the grapes teaches us that we should not give up; there is always some solution to every problem.

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