how to draw sun

How to draw sun in simple and easy step by step for beginners guide.

We wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for the sun burning at the core of our galaxy! Plant life may develop because of the light, and our bodies are enriched by the sun’s healthful rays.

The sun is also a source of tremendous beauty and awe, with the most beautiful moments of the day being sunrise and sunset.
The sun has been featured in many works of art because of its utility and beauty.
Many people wonder how to draw the sun because it appears in so many civilizations and artworks.
This easy-to-follow tutorial on how to draw the sun will show you how to do it.
Things required to draw a piggyback
2-a piece of white paper
Let’s learn how to draw a piggy. Let’s get started!


Step 1- Make a cricle. 

Step 2- Start drawing the sun’s beams.

Step 3- Add more rays to your sun drawing.

Step 4- Continue to add to your sun.


Step 5- Add more sun rays to your drawing.

Step 6- Add the final rays of the sun.

Step 7- Finally, colour in your sun drawing.


Hey kids did you like this how to draw sun drawing in easy and simple step-by-step? Practice it and you will see your drawing is improving in every attempt, also share your view in the comment box, and don’t forget to share this art with your friends on Social Media so they can also enjoy it.
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