Real ghost experiences in army hotel short story

An ex-Army staff member, Sita, once attended training at the Army training school, and she stayed there for 6 nights.

As there was nothing much to do, Sita used to watch NDTV7 movies late at night. At 12 am, she used to watch the news. At exactly 12 am, Sita would hear strange sounds.

She tried to listen carefully to the sounds, and they sounded like very slow music sung in an unknown language. The singing was very clear, but she was unable to make out the language even when she concentrated. 

According to Sita, it was like “small kids simply singing, but with adult voices.” The sounds were coming from the air-conditioning vent. Sita called the receptionist to ask why they had turned up the volume of the speakers outside her room.

She was told by the receptionist that they hadn’t turned up the volume. So where were the sounds coming from?

Then, the TV remote went missing. Sita looked for it all over and even moved the blanket and sheet in search of it. But it seems to have disappeared.

She went to class. When she got back, the TV remote was on her bed. Sita said if “someone watched TV on the bed, then left the remote there.”

Her trainer noticed her expression and asked why she looked so pale. Sita’s friend told him that there was “something wrong” with the room. The trainer was concerned and immediately asked Sita to change her room.

However, Sita decided to remain in the same room as it was already her last night there.

That night, she heard the noises again. Sita called the receptionist and asked them to accompany her and find out where the noises were coming from, but they refused. 

They told her not to think about it and to go to sleep.

Sita’s room was at the end, so she had only one neighbouring room beside hers. 

There was a lady from Kerala who was staying in the neighbouring room. Every night, Sita could hear loud sounds coming from the room beside hers. 

It sounded like people were purposely opening and closing the clothes cupboard door very loudly.

As there was a Mumbai-Kerala flight at night, the lady flew back to her hometown after the last class on Friday. Sita stayed another night. 

That night, even though the lady had flown back to her hometown, there were loud banging sounds coming from the empty room.

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