The Magical Cow Story For Kids

The Magical Cow Story For Kids

The Magical Cow Story For Kids | Podcast

Once upon a time, There were two farmers who lived in a village called Shivpur, their names were Ramesh and Suresh. They both were good friends.

Ramesh and Suresh were the richest farmers in the village. They had lots of cows. Despite being so rich, they were not happy and always more greedy for wealth.

Apart from Ramesh and Suresh there lived a farmer named Raju who was very poor. Raju had one cow and despite being poor; he was very happy.


Ramesh and Suresh were always jealous of Raju because of his happiness.

When Ramesh and Suresh met Raju, they made fun of his poverty and Raju did not say anything; their jokes never affected him. Seeing this, Ramesh and Suresh were very pissed.

Once Ramesh and Suresh went to Raju and said “Give me your cow, in return, we will provide you with a lot of money”. But Raju refused to give his cow because he loved his cow so much. After that, Ramesh and Suresh were not very happy. They thought of taking revenge on him.

After some days Ramesh and Suresh visited Raju’s farm and set his farm on fire so that he is forced to sell his cow. Raju was very sad to see this. Now he was forced to let go of his cow because he no longer had enough money to give food to his cow, he decided to sell his cow.

Later he decides to go to another village for selling his cow. While going to another town, he thought that if someone attacked him, all his money would go away. So Raju had put all the money in the bell of that cow’s neck.

After some time, Raju stopped at a place to rest and then Raju and his cow slept for some time. While Raju and cow were sleeping, some money fell from the cow neck, and a man saw it.

Seeing this, the man felt that it is a magical cow whose money is falling from it’s neck. Then the man asked Raju, “where are you going?” Raju said, “I want to sell my cow.”


The man said that “Now there is no need to go to another village, I will purchase your cow.” Raju was very happy to hear this. The man gave Raju 10 times the price of that cow and Raju gave his cow to the man, and he was happy and went to his house.

As soon as he came to his house and counted the money received from him after Ramesh and Suresh came to Raju’s house and after seeing so much money that Raju had, they were shocked. 

They reached out to him and asked “How did you get so much money and from where?” Raju said I sold my cow and now I will buy a lot of cows with this money. Ramesh and Suresh got sad after seeing that their move backfired. 

  • Moral of The Magical Cow Story For Kids = Nothing can be gained by harming another person.

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