The Ant and The Grasshopper Story

The Ant and The Grasshopper Story

Once upon a time, there lived a lazy and playful grasshopper in a meadow, wandering here and there, dancing and singing throughout the day.

That grasshopper did not like to work at all. Across the way was a Bambi of ants. These ants were extremely hardworking, and they would travel to the nearby fields and bring whatever they could find. They worked continuously all day long.

One day, while he was singing a song sitting under the grasshopper tree, he saw those hardworking ants carrying heavy grains on their backs. He saw all the ants humming an inspirational song, and moving forward.


The grasshopper is very surprised to see them carrying such a load when he stops an ant and asks if there is any feast in their house today? So the ant shakes its head in denial, and the grasshopper is even more surprised. He asks the ant then why she is carrying such a burden. The ant says that cold weather is coming soon and she is collecting food for the difficult times. The grasshopper laughed when he heard this.

The ant asks him why he’s laughing. A grasshopper replied that he had never heard such a stupid thing, there is still a lot of time in winter, and all those ants should also have fun since they are working so hard in vain.

The chief ant hears the laziness of the grasshopper and says to his companions, “Come on, brothers, let’s not listen to this laziness, or we might all get in trouble.” After listening to the head, all the ants get back to work, and the grasshopper, singing the song back, jumps from one tree to another and runs away.

Now, this had become a daily rule of the grasshopper; he would laugh and make fun of the ants as they worked, and then walk away singing the song.

Her behavior was not liked by the ants, but she did not want to waste time talking to him. Rather, she used to do her work with full dedication and devotion.

The grasshopper’s days were passing comfortably now. He had a lot to eat, sometimes he ate fruits by climbing a tree, and sometimes he ate fresh leaves. He threw the leftover fruit at the ants and made a joke about them when he saw them.

The rainy season began after some time. The grasshopper continued to get food, but he was too lazy to build a house to live in that could protect him from the rain. But the grasshopper still lived a crazy life, he never thought about the future ahead.

After some time, the winter season begins. One day the first snowfall of the winter season begins, all the meadows and even the leaves of the trees are covered with a pearly layer of snow. The lazy grasshopper does not get anything to eat, and he is forced to sleep on an empty stomach. He does not even sleep due to the cold.

The next day, the leaves of the tree start to fall due to the cold. Additionally, the grass on the field either gets buried under the snow or completely dries out. The grasshopper now wanders here and there in search of food, but he does not get food anywhere. Furthermore, after wandering hungry and thirsty for many days, he suddenly remembers ants. He remembers how he used to make fun of them.


When the grasshopper reaches the ants’ house, he knocks on their door. As soon as the ant opens the door, she is surprised to see the grasshopper. When a grasshopper sees an ant, it starts begging and says, “Ant sister, I have been hungry and thirsty for many days, please give me some food.”

In response to the grasshopper, the ant becomes very angry. In response, she tells him that we have collected food through hard work, not by becoming vagabonds like you have done. Where is your stutter now? The ant closes the door loudly after saying this.


On the second day when the chief ant opened the door to go out for some work, he saw the grasshopper in a very distressed condition. This is because it seemed that if he did not get food, he would die. The chief ant takes pity on him, and he brings the grasshopper into the house with him, and gives him food and drink.

Within a few days, the winter season melts away, and spring comes back. Now there is food everywhere, the ants resume their work of collecting food, but this time the grasshopper was with them, and he also helped them store food.

The story of the ant and the grasshopper teaches us that we should always work hard, and that hardworking people are always happy, and that lazy people are always suffering like that sloppy grasshopper in the story.

The Ant and The Grasshopper Story

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