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Hungry Mouse

Once upon a time, a holy man lived. People would put food in his alms bowl as he walked around town all day. In the evening, when he was done eating, the holy man would hang his alms bowl high on a nail in the wall. It was full of the food he didn’t eat.

Now, a smart little Hungry Mouse noticed this and started stealing the holy man’s food every day from the bowl. The holy man tried to hit the mouse with his stick many times, but it didn’t work.

Then, one day, a friend of the holy man came to see him. But the holy man couldn’t pay attention to his friend’s stories. Instead, he kept an eye out for the mouse and hit the ground with the bamboo stick to scare it away.

“What’s wrong?” the holy man’s friend asked. “You look pretty upset.” Is there something on your mind?”

The holy man said, “I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention to what you were saying. “See, this mouse has been stealing all the food I’ve been able to save!”

The holy man’s friend looked at the high nail where the begging bowl was hanging and said, “But that is crazy! This mouse must be able to jump pretty high. How does he do it?”

After thinking for a while, the holy man said, “The only thing I can think of is that the mouse must have been able to store a lot of my food.” Because of this, he can now jump so high.”

The holy man and his friend immediately started looking for the mouse’s hidden food. When they found it, they dug it up and took it all away.

When the mouse went to get some of the food he had stolen and stored, he saw that every single grain had been taken. He realised that the holy man knew about his plans, so he ran away and was never seen again near the holy man’s house.

Moral: Attack the enemy where he is strongest, and he will lose.

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