The Useless Jewel | Aesop Fables

The Useless Jewel

Once upon a time, there lived a rooster in a field. The rooster used to collect grain every day, not only for himself but also for his hens and chicks. One day, when a hungry rooster was looking for grain in the fields, he found a jewel lying there. Seeing the jewel, the rooster said excitedly.

Oh my God! Such a precious jewel! But after a while, the enthusiasm for the rooster subsided. He thought, “What is the use of this jewel for me?” Had the farmer gotten this jewel in my place, he might have bought a huge field. But it is useless to me; it cannot feed my stomach. Nor can I sell it and buy grain.

My grain is the most precious of all the jewels in the world, which feeds my family. The rooster threw the jewel on the ground and went ahead in search of grain.

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