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North- Wind-and-the-Sun
North Wind and the Sun

A very long time ago, the Sun and the North Wind used to quarrel about which of them held the title of being the most powerful force in the entire universe.

Every single one of them believed that they were the most powerful and strongest person in the entire universe.

The Sun would say, “I am the most powerful thing in the universe because I can heat the whole Earth.”

However, the North Wind replied, “I am the strongest since I am capable of blowing enormous ships at sea!”

The Sun said, “I say we settle this once and for all.” “I say we should settle this for good.”

As a result, the sun shone as brightly as it could and the north wind blew as hard as it could, but neither could tell who was more powerful because it was too bright and too windy for them to see.

They reached a consensus that the only way to determine the outcome would be to conduct a test. They sped up their search for something to test their strength on and looked around quickly. A man could be seen below them walking down the route that wound through the mountains. He was bundled up in a bulky coat that was fastened all the way up with buttons.

The Sun and the North Wind came to the conclusion that the winner would be the one who was successful in convincing the traveller to remove his coat first.

The North Wind was the first to test his strength, and he did so by blowing with all of his might along the path.

However, the more forcefully he blew his icy and blustering winds, the more tightly the man who was shivering clutched his coat over his body. The weary North Wind eventually gave up and surrendered.

The North Wind said, “It’s true that I wasn’t able to get him to take off that coat, but what gives you the right to think you can do better?”

“If I couldn’t accomplish it, no one can!”

The sun responded with, “We’ll see about that!”

The sun smiled a warm greeting down at the traveller and shone his light and warmth on him at the same time.

The weary traveller quickly stripped off his outer layer in order to take advantage of the sun’s warmth.

The traveller grinned as they looked up at the sun and took in the stunning scenery that had been provided by the sun.

The Sun used this opportunity to teach an important lesson to the North Wind: “Always treat other people with kindness and warmth.”

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