The Thief and His Mother

The Thief and His Mother

Once upon a time, a boy stole a book from another child in his class. When he got home, his mother saw the book and asked her son about it. The boy fearfully told the whole thing to his mother; after knowing the whole thing, his mother encouraged him more instead of scolding him.

The boy’s courage increased significantly after getting encouragement from his mother. After a few days, the boy stole some expensive clothes from a shop. He gave those clothes to his mother, and his mother praised those clothes and his work a lot.

After a few years, that boy turned into a young man. But his habit of stealing was not gone; now, he was stealing things of more value than before.

But one day, he was caught red-handed while stealing. The police officer caught him and presented him to court, where he was sentenced to long imprisonment.

When the young man was being taken to jail, his mother started crying after seeing him. The son looked at his mother and said, “I want to talk to my mother about something.” When the young man got closer to his mother, he quickly bit her ear with his teeth. The mother sobbed in pain, and shocked and angry, he slapped her. And asked why did he cut his ear? Hearing her, the son said, “If his mother had slapped him after stealing the book for the first time, he would not have gone to jail today, and he too would have been living like a decent person.”

From this story, we get a lesson that children should not always be pampered, and they should also be punished for making mistakes.

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