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The Boy and the Scorpion

Once upon a time, a boy named Shyam; had a very strange poor hobby. He was fond of catching and collecting various insects, especially grasshoppers. All his time after coming from school was spent collecting insects.

Shyam would keep the insects after catching them in a bag, and after going home, he would put them in a box.

One day, Shyam caught the locusts and filled them in the bag. After many hours of hard work, he caught a lot of grasshoppers. When Shyam is about to go home, he suddenly sees a scorpion. Shyam picked up the scorpion, considering it to be a locust.

Showing its sting to Shyam, the scorpion said, “Be careful! Shyam, I am a scorpion; if you try to harm me, I will kill you immediately with my poisonous sting. Shyam immediately realized his mistake and left the scorpion.

After leaving, the scorpion said to Shyam, “Shyam, you kill so many insects just for your hobby. If I wanted, I would have killed you today too.” But I did not do this, and I hope that you will never torment any insects in the future.

Shyam realized his mistake and promised the scorpion that he would never kill any insect in the future.

This story teaches us that we should not take the life of any living being for our hobby without any reason.

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