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The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

Once upon a time, two rats were very good friends. But one mouse lived in the city and the other in the village. One day, the city mouse went to visit his country mouse friend.

The village mouse was delighted to see his urban friend. The native mouse took his friend for a field walk and then bathed in the river. In this way, the village mouse made the urban mouse roam his whole village, and at night he plucked fresh vegetables and grains from the fields and served them as dinner to a friend. But despite all this, the city mouse was not happy and started boasting, “What are you feeding me all this?” Come to my house sometime.

I will give you a treat. The village mouse did not like what he said, but he smiled and said, “Well, friend, I will definitely come to your city to meet you.”

Some days pass like this. The crops had been cut, and the country mouse had nothing to do now, so he thought, why not visit his friend for a few days and go to his city? The village mouse gathered his belongings and went to meet his urban friend.

The urban mouse becomes very happy to see his friend. He lived in a hole in a rich man’s house. He welcomed his friend to his home, which was well decorated with costly items. Seeing his friend’s lifestyle, the village mouse was very impressed and said, “Friend, seeing your lifestyle, I do not feel like going back.” The city mouse’s chest swelled with joy upon hearing this.

The country mouse said, “Friend, now I am feeling hungry; let’s have some food.” The city mouse took the village mouse outside to the dining table. But, just as they were about to eat, they heard the barking of dogs. Suddenly, the owner of the house took a stick and ran after both the rats. He was with his pet dogs.

The rats ran and hid inside a hole to save their lives. The village mouse went very far and immediately ran out of the friend’s house with his belongings. While leaving, the village mouse said, “I am going, friend.” My village may not have so many facilities, but it is much safer than your city.

It is learned from this story that even the dry bread of one’s own house is better than the treat of another’s house.

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