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The Deer’s Fear

Once upon a time, a deer lived with her child in the forest. They lived happily together and grazed in the woods together; Fawn respected and loved her mother very much and, at the same time, always admired her. The deer also loved her son very much.

One day, when both of them were grazing deep inside the forest, the deer saw a hunting dog. The dog also saw the deer and started chasing it. Seeing the hunting dog coming after her, the mother got scared. She asked her son to run away in a different direction, and she also started running very fast.

Eventually, they escaped safely. But the buck’s son was not happy. He asked his mother, “Mother, why were you so afraid of the hunting dog?” You are more extensive than the dog in every way; you have such long and robust horns to attack and defend and strong legs to run fast; if you wanted, you could have taught that hunting dog a good lesson. Hearing him, the mother smiled and said, “My dear son, you are right, but we deer are like to be afraid of wild dogs and hunters, and I can’t change it.”

Fawn fell silent after listening to her mother. From that day onwards, she never questioned her mother about her timid nature.

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