The Woodcutter and the Trees | Aesop Fables

The Woodcutter and the Trees

A long time ago, there was a very dense and beautiful forest. There were many beautiful trees of different types of delicious fruits and fragrant flowers in that forest.

One day, a woodcutter enters the forest with an axe in hand. He goes to those tall and massive trees and says, “I am a poor woodcutter; please help me. I need some wood.” After hearing him, the trees replied, “You seem to be a good and good man; we will definitely help you. You can take some wood from all of the trees!”

The man broke a trunk from a tree and tied the trunk to the head of his axe. That stem became the handle of his axe.

Then the man started cutting down all the trees present there with the help of that axe. The trees got a big shock from this. Then an old tree said, “We helped you, and you are cutting us only. You are paying our favor by taking our lives.”

The woodcutter ignored the words of those trees and started cutting down all the trees one by one. Now nothing can be done. The trees could only cry or sigh and say, “Oh! I wish we hadn’t helped this man. How good it would have been, and we would have survived.” Any person’s appearance, color, and sweet talk do not prove that he is a really good person.

Trees helped a cunning and insidious man who later killed him. So, from this story, we get a lesson that we should not help sly and insidious people.

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