The Sermon on The Mount | Bible Story

The Sermon on The Mount

Jesus had begun to spread God’s word through parables and stories among his disciples and others.

“Let your light shine forth among men!” he told his disciples. Don’t hide God’s light! Hold it high to spread it over many people! Whoever follows me will not walk in the dark.

His disciples understood him, and John said that Jesus was the light for men who would dispel the darkness.

Jesus led the multitudes that followed him once to a mount, and there he spoke to them. He told them that they were blessed. If they were poor, they would find the Kingdom of Heaven. If they mourned, they would be comforted. They would be fulfilled if they searched for truth. They would receive mercy if they were merciful to others. If they were peacemakers, they would be called the children of God, and if they suffered for righteousness, upholding the words of God and Jesus, theirs would be the Kingdom of Heaven.

People asked him how to pray to God. Jesus taught them that God was not a terrifying, vengeful figure. He was like a father who loved and cared for his children.

Therefore, the prayer was simple:

As it is in heaven, and forgive us our sins As we forgive those that sin against us;

Our Father in Heaven,

May Thy name be always holy, May Thy kingdom be established;

May Thy Will be done here on earth

Give us today our daily bread;

Let us not be led by temptation And free us from evil; For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory!

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