The Jesus Burial | Bible Story

The Jesus Burial

Joseph of Arimathaea was a wise and honorable counselor who loved Jesus and was waiting for the Kingdom of Heaven with deep faith. He was afraid that the envious scribes and elders would dishonor the body of Christ and wished to bury him with love and honor.

So, the next day, the day before the Sabbath, he returned to Pontius Pilate and requested that the body of Jesus be given to him for burial. Pilate called for the centurion who commanded the troops that had crucified Jesus to confirm if he was dead. The centurion confirmed it.

Pilate then ordered him to hand over the body to Joseph of Arimathaea. Joseph called Nicodemus, who had been a devoted follower of Jesus, to help him. Nicodemus brought a lot of a mixture of myrrh and aloe to anoint and preserve Jesus’ body before he was laid to rest. They called the body of Jesus and wrapped it in linen.

A rock had been cut to form a tomb not far from Golgotha. Joseph and Nicodemus carried the body, laid it in the grave, and covered the mouth of the cave with a large stone.

Mary Magdalene and Mary, Jesus’s mother, and many others who had been at the crucifixion followed them there. They saw Jesus lying in the tomb before it was sealed with a stone.

The scribes and elders returned to Pilate the next day and said, “That deceiver had said that he would return on the third day. We hope the tomb is properly sealed and guarded. People may steal his body and then claim that he rises!” Pilate told them to come and see for themselves. They entered and sealed the tomb and kept watch.

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