Jesus Walks on Water | Bible Story

Jesus Walks on Water

Jesus watched them rowing unsuccessfully and walked steadily across the waves to the boat. The disciples saw him walking on the sea’s surface and were terrified.

“It’s a ghost!” they said to each other. But Jesus stopped beside the boat, saying, “Don’t be afraid! It is I!”

The wind had stopped, and the boat was not being tossed on the waves anymore. And they looked at him in wonder and amazement, for they had not been able to understand and accept the miracle of the loaves. Peter said, “Master, if it’s you, send me across the water to you!” And Jesus said, “Come!”

As Peter stepped out of the boat, he walked across the water toward the Master. But the gusts of wind and the waves suddenly frightened him, and his faith was shaken. “Lord, save me!” he cried as he began to sink.

Jesus immediately reached out and held Peter, saying, “O, you of small faith! Why did you doubt?”

When they reached the boat, the disciples knelt in awe and wondered at the feet of Jesus and said, “You are indeed the Son of God!” Their doubts vanished after Jesus taught them about the power of faith.

In Bethsaida, they brought a blind man to Jesus and pleaded with him to heal him. Jesus held the man’s hand and led him out of the town. He put his hands on the man’s eyes and then took them away. “Do you see anything?” asked Jesus.

“I see men as trees, walking!” said the man, struck with wonder and awe. Jesus once again laid his hands over his eyes. And when he took them away, the man could see clearly! He was completely restored.

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