Jesus Visits Simon, the Pharisee | Bible Story

Jesus Visits Simon

The Pharisees followed the rituals and traditions of the Israelites without understanding or adhering to God’s commandments. They did not respect Jesus as a prophet.

One day in Nain, Jesus was invited to the house of Simon, the Pharisee. If he had thought Jesus was a prophet, he would have hugged him, washed his feet, and given him scented oil to put on his head. But Simon did not do any of this.

But as Jesus sat down, a woman entered and, with tears streaming down her face, knelt before him, washed his feet and wiped them with her hair. Then she applied perfumed oil to his feet.

Simon was angry because she was a woman with a tarnished reputation and wondered how Jesus could allow her to serve him. He complained to Jesus.

“Let me ask you something, Simon,” said Jesus. “A money lender gives one man 500 silver coins and another man 50 silver coins. However, they were unable to pay, so the kind moneylender cancelled their debts. Tell me which of the two should be more grateful. “Of course, the one who borrowed 500 coins!” replied Simon.

“You did not embrace me or wash my feet or offer me oil when I came.” But this woman did all that and more, washing my feet with her tears and wiping them with her hair!

Jesus blessed the woman with love and faith and forgave her sins. This puzzled and angered Simon even more, for how could Jesus have the right to dismiss anyone’s sins, he wondered.

And when Jesus passed from city to city, he was followed not only by his twelve extraordinary disciples but by women whom he had healed of evil spirits and weaknesses, like Mary Magdalene, Joanna, the wife of Herod’s steward, and others.

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