Jesus Begins His Mission | Bible Story

Jesus Begins His Mission

Two things began to happen almost at the same time. Jesus had begun to collect his disciples and spread the word of God among the people, telling them that the Kingdom of Heaven was near. Secondly, as miracles began to be performed by him, people started to come to him to be healed. They stayed to hear him talk about God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Once, Mary was invited to a wedding. Jesus and his disciples also accompanied her. At the wedding, Mary found that the wine would fall short of a large number of guests. She asked Jesus to help.

However, his mother protested, “I have not yet begun the work of my heavenly Father.”

However, Mary insisted that he help. Jesus turned towards six large stone pitchers in the yard for water for the guests to wash before the feast, but now they were empty. He requested a servant to fill the pitchers with water.

Then he asked the steward to taste the water. The steward looked amazed when he sipped it, for it was an excellent wine and not water! The servants and the disciples knew that Jesus had performed a miracle. News of this began to spread around the countryside.

One day, Jesus went to Simon’s house, where his mother-in-law lay sick. At his command, her fever left her, and she was cured.

Similarly, a leper was brought to Jesus, and when he touched him, he arose without a trace of his illness! Jesus told the man not to speak of the healing, but he was so happy and excited that he began to tell everyone about Jesus, who healed people in the name of God!

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